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    Cool BAC To BAF

    Well, fellow wage-slaves and tax victims, it's time for our annual "Up The IRS" event. Since the dirty deed will already have been done mid-week, we will call this one the "Post Tax Total Denial" Fly-In.The date is Saturday April 17th.

    C'mon down, or up, or whatever to Barnes Airport in the beautiful Connecticut River Valley. BAF is a really nice field, friendly tower folks, and lots of room. Also the cheapest gas in our area. We're so nice we'll even let Corcoran come...unless he makes it snow again! (Sheesh, and they talk about me.)

    Come swap lies, drool on each others' aircraft, tell tall tales. And, of course, EAT! Depending on expected crowd (and weather...this is Cote speaking, remember) we will eat on the club in the Runway Restaurant or burn some meat outside on the deck. Things get started around 0900.

    Check the NOTAMs,we are randomly pushing thresholds and taxiways around during renovations. Oh, and a word of caution: There will be NO more drag racing with the A-10's here. Those Guard boys traded in their Warthogs for F-15's. You really do not want to get behind those afterburners. And, trust me on this, trying to race one across the field on a low pass in a Mouse is really tough on the ego.

    For info call me or email me. (413-783-2446 or
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