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Thread: A Server Takes a Trip - Technology Behind the Site

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    Article: A Server Takes a Trip - Technology Behind the Site

    States Flown To/From/In (but not including over)

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    Fixed. You found an interesting quirk. The article wasn't published yet - so it stays hidden. The software allows you to schedule a publish time for articles so you can set up content to roll out at a particular time. But apparently the delayed publishing doesn't delay creating the associated comment thread. Oh well - no worries. I just pushed it to publish now.

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    Nice job.. Especially for me a techie type.. Some others would be overwhelmed with the techno talk.
    My personal site is hosted by Verio, but it's EXTREMELY simple compared to this.
    Dr. Bill

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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for all your efforts...
    Seems like you are really devoting a substantial amount of time and effort for the good of the club...

    Yeah - I've got some Solaris boxes up for over 5 years...
    Show me any PC that has run that long...

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