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Thread: Harris Ranch (3O8)

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    Harris Ranch (3O8)

    Dear BAC group,

    I posted a fly-in planned for Harris Ranch (3O1) near Coalinga, California on the BAC calendar. If you missed it, here is the information again. It will be on the 27th of this month (March 2010) at 11:00am for a nice lunch. If you have not been there or heard, it is really wonderful beef. Please write or call so I can tell them how many of us will be there. Pilots always get a 10% discount, and I am working on a deal on fuel.

    See you all there!
    Mike Samac
    Cell: (40 234-5699

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    Hi Mike,

    I will See you there! Nice place for lunch, I have flown there just for the fillets from the market to go. (My wife should know better than to send me to the store for steaks!)
    Me plus one.

    Sierra 6588R

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    I've want to eat there for some time! If I can convince my coaches to take over my little league game that day I will be there!

    Steve F.

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    We're on tap to make it if weather cooperates. I'm a good solid year out of instrument currency a condition with which I hope to resolve but almost certainly not within the next 11 days...

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    Hello all,

    I have committed to update the site if we had to postpone due to weather, however, from top to bottom, east to west, it appears we are on! We'll see you all there.


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    Put us down for two places. Marlene and I plan to come, weather permitting.

    Doug Faucette

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    Hello Mike, I will be attending. Reserve wife Theresa and myself.

    Thank you.

    Kurt Kruger kk813

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    Hi BAC friends,

    It looks like it will be a great weekend from NoCal, to SoCal, over to Nevada, and everywhere in between. It looks like we are going to have a great turnout of BAC folks, and some other friends as well. For those that did not know, you get 10% off meals when you show your pilot's certificate. I arranged at 10% discount on fuel as well. It shows $4.79 now, so with the discount that will be about $4.31, not bad considering the best price I could anywhere near is only a few cents less.

    The price at the pump is hard coded, so to get the discount, you must go across the street to the service station and provide a credit/debit card. You then add your fuel, and go pay at the discounted rate.

    They will also provide a free van, simply call 1-800-942-2333, and again mention BAC. The restaurant is only a couple of blocks, but if you have a pulled muscle, it could feel like a couple of miles. It should be a very fun event; I look forward to seeing everyone!


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    We're on track to make it - hopefully less than the 25-30kt headwinds at 6k-9k they are having today . The trip up and back was planning out at a almost a full hour delta thanks to that. Oil change checked out last weekend and she's already topped off. In a pinch we would almost have enough gas to get there and back depending on the trip up. Gas at KMYF finally spiked up well over $5/gal - it had managed to stay below $5 for quite a while.

    Just picking over the sightseeing and reading up on the baker's half dozen LAX transition routes - lessee, Mini, Shoreline, SFRA, Coliseum and Hollywood Park offically plus the unofficial beach route. So maybe up east of LAX and hook the Mojave then Techachapi and back down the Grapevine and the coast...although up the coast puts the scenery on Candy's side of the plane...

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