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    Question Sun n' Fun

    Is anyone going to Sun n' Fun this year? This would be my first year to go and I have no idea what to do or where to go. Heck, I could probably drive there faster than fly, but what would be the fun in that? Parking in vintage aircraft, general aviation, special BAC parking?

    Jim Olsen

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    I've been flying to Sun & Fun for the past 15 years in a friends C-177 Cardinal, first from Massachusetts and lately from Dallas (would'nt think of flying down with the Skipper...too, too, long a flight at 85 KTS). When flying into Lakeland, I would park in GA at the end of the runway...the middle of the field fills up quickly and make sure that you review the FAA Special notice for the landmarks and procedures. Last 4 years been flying into Winter Haven, renting a car and driving to Lakeland. Most of those 15 years, we have rented a trailer and parked it along with a thousand others on the airfield trailer park. For the best use of time at SNF stay on field - lots to do, many people to see. Each year I promise myself, I'm just going to look at airplanes, but each year I have to let my credit card cool down for a couple of months after purchasing stuff for the plane, stuff for me or just stuff with no idea how I'm going to use it. Great vacation. While there also take in the "Planes of Fame museum". Near the end of the trip we will go to Burns Steak House (Rated #1 nationally) in Tampa for an end of SNF gala. I would rate SNF as a better take than Oshkosh - been to both. SNF smaller, but seems friendlier. For that time of year, I have run into IFR weather around the Carolina's most of the is either me or the Carolina weather is really crappy in April. Have Fun.


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    Not me. Too much of a low-time pilot to brave that traffic. Maybe next year when I have more hours under my belt.


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    We usually have a good turnout of BACers to Sun-n-Fun every year. We do a group dinner and also have a type club tent. The posting will come soon on helping out and signing up for dinner. Flying in to LAL is not too bad (Joe, you can do it) but recommend flying in to a nearby airport. If you haven't booked a hotel by now then you will most likely be about 15+ miles away from Lakeland. Look forward to seeing all old and new BAC'ers this year.
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    I am only a few months ahead of you, September 2009. So, I can appreciate the concern. Fortunately, if I get a little too spooked, I will just take the airline pilot who owns the plan along.


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    I will be flying down in my sierra this year as I have done for the last 4 years. I don't fly into KLAL, I base the sierra at KBOW (Bartow). They have the best fuel prices around and no ramp fee and also has rental cars, restaurant, and Sun n' Fun ticketing at the FBO. I fly down with a group that I fly with on Sundays (SMBC) the Sunday Morning Breakfast Club, we usually get 20-30 people to attend Sun n' Fun and 10-15 aircraft of all sorts fly down. It is a great time and if anyone is departing from the Chicagoland area is welcomed to join us for the trip.


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    I am in Orlando. If anyone would like to fly into KORL (Joe?), I probably can arrange outside tiedown space and then we can a drive to KLAL, or we can at least have a minor BAC flyin at the east ramp hangers at KORL and then fly as a group to KLAL. For anyone who has not yet checked, on the Sun 'n Fun website there is a link to a pockent NOTAM for the weekend which could be helpful. I am going to go to KLAL this weekend for two reasons, scout the SNF weekend and to check out the "pilotmall" store they have there. The last time I flew in, they were closed (on a date they were supposed to be open) and I was not happy about it. For those flying in, Leesburg (KLEE) is about the most reasonable fuel, but Massy Ranch is definetly the least expensive. If anyone has questions about the central Florida airspace, please let me know, because quite frankly, it is all I know, but I know it well.

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