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Thread: BAC will be @ booth 111 in the big tent @ the Arlington 2010 Fly in!

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    BAC will be @ booth 111 in the big tent @ the Arlington 2010 Fly in!

    The 2010 Arlington Airshow and Fly-In is going to be July 7th-11th this year.

    PLEASE use this thread to volunteer, or for general input!

    We Still need volunteers!
    (Leave a reply below)

    2010 Official FAA-provided NOTAM for Arlington

    2010 Approach Photos from NOTAM
    Fly-In Safety Resource
    (Courtesy of The AOPA Air Safety Foundation)

    The 25 page Arlington EAA Fly-in NOTAM
    for 2010 contains complete details as to approach procedures, VFR & IFR arrivals, Diagrams, Photos & more. It is a MUST READ for all who plan on attending. They have their own ATC and arrival special procedures need to be followed by all!

    More helpful info:
    Seattle AFSS:
    1-800-WX-BRIEF ( 206-767-2726 )
    122.15 (Bellingham RCO)
    122.3 (Mt Consitution RCO)
    122.4 (Arlington onsite FSS)

    The fly in at Arlington is Just about a week away!, and the staff has agreed to give us the same deal as last year! This would mean more great exposure for BAC! The executive committee has OK'd the registration fee (reduced again for us) and so now... the planning has to commence quickly, since the administration at Arlington want to be able to put the BAC info on their website! This would be GREAT publicity for BAC, and so we are putting out a preliminary call for volunteers to man the tables.

    We need to know as soon as possible anyone who would be willing to help out. Free admission will be provided for all table volunteers. In the past, we have asked for a two hour shift from as many as possible, as often as possible. Last year is seemed we had an overflow of help.... but that's what BAC is all about! Comraderie!

    It is a five day event that requires our booth to be manned Wed 7/7 through Sat 7/10 from 9am to 5pm and on Sunday 7/11 from 9 to 3. So lots of help is needed.
    PLEASE, help us out...... this will no doubt go a long way in promoting our great club.

    So far we haveWednesday July 7th
    • 9-11....Thom Smith
    • 11-1....Mark Johnson
    • 1-3......Mark Hoskins
    • 3-5......Jack Becker

    Thursday July 8th
    • 9-11......Mark Johnson
    • 11-1......John Radysh
    • 1-3........ Marty Vanover
    • 3-5........Mark Hoskins

    Friday July 9th
    • 9-11.......Thom Smith
    • 11-1....... John Radysh
    • 1-3..........Marty Vanover
    • 3-5.......................

    Saturday July 10th
    • 9-11........Thom Smith
    • 11-1........Marty Vanover
    • 1-3.......................
    • 3-5.......................

    Sunday July 11th
    • 9-11......Thom Smith
    • 11-1......Marty Vanover
    • 1-3.......Mark Hoskins

    Email Thom Smith here if you would like to volunteer!

    Times that are scheduled (above) can be changed around to accommodate anyone that wishes to volunteer.
    It would be better if we could spread the joy, so to speak, but we have to have commitments in order to make this happen.

    IMG_1440 copy1..jpgIMG_1404.jpg
    This should be a lot of fun, like last year, and another great event for the Beech Aero Club!! And camping under the wing of your plane is FREE

    We are wondering what sort of eats we want to reserve.
    (For more pics of the fun we had at Arlington 2009, click here)
    I personally love the service/quality and overall experience of the Skagit River Brewery in Mt Vernon. Besides some great beer brewed on site, the food is A-1. Atmosphere is really great too. It's a local hangout, so the prices are not that bad.
    And a couple of suggestions by Marty (last year):
    Bistro San Martin Website
    Mirkwood & Shire Cafe Website
    Input from everyone is welcome! How far do we want to drive? What sort of cuisine?

    Hope to see as many as possible this year!

    Here is a response from the staff at Arlington regarding questions about approach procedures as depicted in the Notam (from last year)

    Arlington's clarification on the arrival procedures:(from last year)
    Hi Thom,

    Lets take the NOTAM question first. You do not have to fly the green line on page nine. You may fly direct to Green Valley on Friday and Saturday arrivals. All other days you can fly direct to Arlington.
    The majority of our arrivals come from the south up the west side so we put a suggested route for those. Any one can fly direct to Green Valley, be aware that we know traffic can be heavy on the routes depicted in the NOTAM.
    Regarding the passes, if I understand your question correctly you will receive five weekly admission tickets with your vendor booth. There is no charge for camping UNDER the wing of an airplane, but there is a charge for camping in the RV/Tent campground and that is not covered in your booth fee.
    We look forward to having you at Arlington this year and anything we can do to assist you please don't hesitate to ask.
    For your pilots who will be flying in and camping under the wing we will have "grill stations" available in the aircraft parking areas for them to cook on. This will eliminate the need to bring the 'grill' as part of the camping packing. Hopefully save them some weight to take home goodies they may find here.
    Take care,
    Barbara Tolbert
    Executive Director
    Arlington Fly-In
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    Hi Thom. Judy and I don't mind where we go for dinner . We had fun where we went last year , maybe sea food if that's OK , just to sit down and see everyone with a beer is fine for me.

    John R.
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    John Radysh
    1967, A23-19

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    OK.... That's 1 for possibly seafood & Beer!
    Thom Smith
    67 Super III

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    In the Blue Mountains of North East Oregon
    Arlington is fast approaching, and we still need some volunteers.

    I would also like to start compiling a list of possible attendees, along with mode of transportation, guests and so on. That way I can better plan on the dinner and try to make everyone happy! It would also help me get a jump on the PT points form, so jump in and let your voice be heard!
    Thom Smith
    67 Super III

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    In the Blue Mountains of North East Oregon
    As Arlington approaches (17 days), some details still need finishing up... Like how many volunteers would like a free pass, where/what we want to have for eats for the BAC dinner and any last call to volunteer that may still be out there.

    And Also, Marty V and I are planning to fly a formation flight from here (KLGD) sometime on the 6th, and if any would like the experience of formation flight, we would love to make it a little bigger. Could be a nice photo op if we could line a few more up.

    Marty is planning to leave the Phoenix area on the 5th and stay over here at my place so we could depart at whatever time we felt was needed. So there is also opportunity for someone to hook up with him on the flight to LaGrande as well.
    Let us know her in the forum thread and we will make it happen even if this schedule isn't set in stone.

    C'mon everyone planning to attend, it's time to tally up!

    Where do we want to eat, who all's coming an when, as well as what for of transportation (for the PT points record)

    Weather is looking good at this point!
    Thom Smith
    67 Super III

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    I'll be staying with my old flying buddy. I will also get the green GMC monster to drive around and act as a chauffeur. So, get me a vehicle pass. For any one that needs ground transportation to the airport or wherever, call my cell and we can hook up at Arlington.

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.
    Cell: (480) 882-8750

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    Thom.... Dawn and I will definitley be there! I hope the weather shapes-up in the next few weeks. It's been a strange year and no warm dry weather at all. The grass WILL be green this year!! We'll have to think about some close by places to eat.

    Mark Hoskins

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    I lived there for 12 years, that isn't green grass you're looking at,..... it's moss.

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.

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    Thom, I won't be able to volunteer on Wednesday and Thursday at Arlington. I am sorry to report that my Sundowner's engine is still in pieces and I am going to be in Phoenix until after Arlington. Apparently there are problems in the supply chain for minor, but critical parts for Lycoming engines such as mine. Next year for sure. Mark Johnson 73 Sundowner KGEU

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