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Thread: Virginia Beach WW2 Aircraft show

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    Virginia Beach WW2 Aircraft show

    This is an incredible show. Fly in youself, or drive in. Watch a great collection of WW2 planes fly. Read the details
    http://www.militaryaviationmuseum.or...s_airshow.html and notice the special flying guidelines. The 5000 ft grass strip is a beauty. We can fly in, meet, enjoy the planes and the music etc that make the whole weekend an experience. May 22, 2010. Will make it an official BAC flyin if I can figure out how.

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    Really going to try and make this one. Thanks Paul.
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    new link for information is This will probably fill up pretty early in the day. Anyone planning on flying or driving in? There is also another nearby event all weekend with lots of activities and seminars.

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