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Thread: Breakfast in memory of Mike

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    Breakfast in memory of Mike

    After coordinating with Monty, we are hosting a west coast breakfast event in Mike's memory. It will take place at (o41) Watts Woodland airport. The spot wil be at the country club rest at 10 am. The time is set to cordinate with the event in S.C. let's have some food and talk about what Mike has done for us.

    You must wear a shirt with a collar (men) and this is a pay your own way event. I would also encourage Bac'ers in other areas to join in. If you can't attend the movie day in SC, please host your own event. -Bob Lewis

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    Thank you Bob, I also think Paula would be very happy and ecstatic if we could get every region on Sunday, if Possible to hold a small get together to remember Mike. I know Mike would be very honored and satisfied at the number of people already talking about this and planning to attend every where. This is how Mike would have wanted it...

    Again Thank you Bob for hosting this on the West Coast for those who can not make it to KLUX...


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    We'd love to make this one but SuperMouse is still down for annual right now. Might be done by Friday, we'll see...

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    Great idea. Most are not going to be able to travel to Laurens on short notice. Having something in the west is appropriate. Perhaps some of the other regions will be able to participate in a similar way.

    Dan Jonas
    Daniel Jonas

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    I plan to be there at 10:00am on Sunday.

    Ron Beach

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    I will also try and make it, weather permitting. I sent you a PM on the same topic.

    Doug Faucette

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    Doug, I received it. Looking forward to seeing you if it works out.

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    Sorry we're missing this. The schedule cooperated and the weather mostly (other than what would have been a b**ch of a headwind going home) to be able to make it. But SuperMouse just finished her 1st California annual on Thursday but I haven't been able to connect with the IA so I'm not sure if the logbook entry is done and signed off and I haven't paid so assuming she's not legal for flight until I see the logbook entries.

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    Todays breakfast for Mike went well. We had strong gusty winds to contend with but, that didn't slow down the event. I arrived at 8:30 along with my friend Bob Aspegren from Vacaville. We were joined by Ron Beach, Jim Shelatz and Doug Faucette who flew in from Fallon. We all toasted Mike. After the event Ron and I took to the sky followed by Doug. Ron and I exchanged control of the aircraft so we could both claim a flight for Mike. I am waiting to hear from Doug to ensure he made it home OK. Mike Samac called to say he was with us in spirit as he was visiting his mother in Idaho. Jeanee e-mailed from LA along with Mark G. Thanks to all who thought of Mike today. Goodbye to our friend

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    Glad to hear the event was well attended. Sorry, I was not able to make it. Mike was a an uncommonly generous, if not heroic is his support of all of us under the circumstances. He was particularly helpful through my restoration of N4781J. I will never forget him. I'm glad I got to meet him and thank him personally at Santa Maria.

    Bravo Bob, for putting this together in his memory. You are also a treasure to our club.


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