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Thread: BAC activities at Oshkosh 2010

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    BAC activities at Oshkosh 2010

    I'm a little behind this year, but here's what we have going on at Oshkosh AirVenture in 2010:

    Larry and Debbie Last will be hosting their third BAC Picnic on the Flightline again this year, on Tuesday, July 27th. Festivities will start at 2:00 and the catered food will be set up by 2:30, same as last year. I'm requesting a $10 deposit per member and guest, which will be returned to you at the picnic, just to cover expenses for no-shows. Deadline for pre-registering is July 15th. You can also pay at the picnic, but it will cost you $15 per person. Send your checks to:

    Robert Schmidt
    2837 Meadow Lane
    Hartland, WI 53029

    BAC will have a table at the AirVenture type-club hangar for the first time this year. That means I'm looking for volunteers! I don't have the details yet, but I believe the table is supposed to be attended from 9AM to 5PM each day. That probably means two four-hour shifts, 9AM to 1PM and 1PM to 5PM. I have signs, info, and handouts coming for use at the table, thanks to Doug Muse. Let me know if you can help out at the table.

    I will be posting separate threads for these events soon, so you can reply to the proper thread if you are coming to the picnic, or if you can help at the table.

    See you at OSH!!!
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    Bob Schmidt, Founding Member
    Sundowner N282G has landed in:

    Also flew VH-WEI in Oz.

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    Is the BAC Oshkosh picnic still on Tuesday of that week? I haven't seen any specifics yet. Thanks to you for raising my awareness.
    Mike Nielsen
    McCook, NE
    N9164S Sierra

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    Wouldn't miss this event for the world! I'll be there with bells on! Good news about the booth. You have my support! I'll send you a check Bob!


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    Duh! Yep, it's on Tuesday again, July 27th. I'll edit the original post to fix my oversight!!!

    Thanks for pointing it out.
    Bob Schmidt, Founding Member
    Sundowner N282G has landed in:

    Also flew VH-WEI in Oz.

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    I might be there.......LOL!!!!
    Samuel Cryer
    Plane Safe Aircraft Maintenance, Inc.
    Waukesha, WI (KUES)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Planesafe1 View Post
    I might be there.......LOL!!!!
    Then we might let you in !!!
    Bob Schmidt, Founding Member
    Sundowner N282G has landed in:

    Also flew VH-WEI in Oz.

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    My Dad and I are planning on attending this year and thinking of flying in and sleeping "with the Plane"!!
    Any info or suggestions are appreciated. This is a first for both of us! We just got the Notams and are starting our planning.

    Mark Keiper

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