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Thread: Portsmouth, OH (KPMH) - Saturday, June 5

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    Portsmouth, OH (KPMH) - Saturday, June 5

    The BAC meet and greet in Portsmouth, Ohio is coming up this Saturday. Plan to arrive between 11:30 and 12:00 and we'll have lunch at the on-field restaurant at noon. Time permitting, we may take a ride down to the riverfront to view the beautiful murals painted all along the floodwalls. Local BAC-er Dan Kirby will fill us in on the history behind the murals. Any questions, give me a call. Brad Mitchell 859-707-6039.

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    Two BAC members, their wives and five others met at Portsmouth for lunch today. Dan & Ann Kirby, Brad & Ann Mitchell along with Ron Kloss, Cy Hanks, John Fish and Bob & Maggie Smith arrived dodging the clouds even though Portsmouth was reporting clear all morning and early afternoon. Great food at Skyline Restaurant. Thanks to all that made it.

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    Great event! Glad for the turnout and fun! Keep things rollin' this summer! Just wish I wasn't over a bizzillion miles away! Send me the PT report!
    All for one!
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