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Thread: Smithsonian Air and Space Reminder

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    Smithsonian Air and Space Reminder

    Just a reminder that this Saturday I will be at the Udvar-Hazey Center NASM at Dulles Airport and would enjoy having some other BACers help describe what we do for each other. It is a great opportunity to meet some of the real famous pilots of our time. We have a private Breakfast and Lunch with the other volunteers, and a private showing of the Museum in the morning. If you can't make that feel free just to stop by and say Hi if you want to see this museum on it's busiest day of the year.
    Paul W

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    I probably live the closest to KIAD as any member, but as luck would have it, I'll be at our son's high school graduation. Wish I could make it. Have fun!

    Bob Prange

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