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Thread: BAC Members in WI

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    BAC Members in WI

    Any Members near Stevens Point WI ????
    I'm bringing the family back to the US the last week of July. MI first then over to WI (with a day stop at OSH )

    I have family that lives in Stevens Point WI - so I will be there for a few days. Thought it might be a good chance to meet a fellow BAC'er. I also need to take some family up for a ride and would rather fly a Baby beech if I could find one...

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    I'm bringing the family back to the US the last week of July.
    Rick, you don't have to be so circumspect on this web site. We all know that you are coming to this country to go to Oshgosh and throwing the family a bone along the way!!!
    Daniel Jonas

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    hahhah - man was it that obvious.. shhhhhh - I hope my wife does not sign on to the web site

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    I'm in Waukesha, WI, about an hour and a half flight in my Sundowner. If no one else closer to Stevens Point volunteers, I can fly up. Gotta check the insurance policy open pilot clause, though.

    BTW, try to make the Oshkosh BAC Picnic on the Flightline Tuesday afternoon. It's a family event, and outside the AirVenture grounds, so no need to buy AirVenture admissions to attend the picnic.
    Bob Schmidt, Founding Member
    Sundowner N282G has landed in:

    Also flew VH-WEI in Oz.

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    Gee Bob - thats a very kind offer - But I would not want to put you through all of that - I am in MI on the 27t traveling to Wi so I'm not sure I can make the BAC Picnic - which is a bummer becasue I missed by a day last time too....But I am gonna be in the event all day the 28th..

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