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Thread: Rough River, KY (2I3) Saturday, July 31

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    Rough River, KY (2I3) Saturday, July 31

    Join fellow BACers for a lunchtime fly-in. Restaurant is located on the field at the state park lodge. Meet at the east end of the airport, at the administration building by 11:45 (Central Time Zone) and we'll plan on a noon lunch. Note that fuel is not available at the airport.

    Last fall we had 20 attendees at Rough River. Looking forward to duplicating that number. Any questions, please call me on my cell, 859-707-6039. Brad Mitchell

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    The weather is looking good for Rough River tomorrow. Hope to see a nice crowd.

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    We had a very nice turnout at Rough River today. 5 planes brought 8 people to enjoy all the great food on the lunch buffet! Attending were Kelvin Roots & Nick Mahurin (Terre Haute, IN), Brent Earwood (Jackson, TN), Ty Gettis & Walter Hill (Louisville, KY), Randy Weir (Evansville, IN) and Brad & Ann Mitchell (Lexington, KY). The small ramp area at 2I3 looked quite impressive with the Beech imprint! Thanks to all that made it.

    Next up in Kentucky is Owensboro (KOWB) on August 21. Moonlight Barbecue!

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    Sir Brad-
    Good show. I met Kelvin at the first MusketeerMail fly-in in Liberal, KS back in the 90's! Glad he's still flying, just wish he was still doing it in a Sierra!

    Well done, glad to see some folks getting to fly!
    All for one!
    Chris Linderman
    BAC Founding Member & former President
    Sierra N5106M
    KSUN (Hailey, ID)

    States visited by N5106M

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