Bill, I'll plan to get there, too. I'll probably bring some odds and ends, like o-ring kits, if anyone wants to include a parts swap meet. It should only be a 45-minute flight or so, for us. If any attendees need anything from my Classifieds, they can save the shipping component.

I'll probably have the BAC SE Banner with me, if we'll have a place to display it. After all, we need a good excuse for another SE fly-inphoto album! It'll be good to see you and few other folks again. I see that the airport has no Instrument Procedures in AirNAV. If there is IMC with a high enough ceiling, some of us nearby may be able to fly under it; or let down at one of the other nearby approach-equipped fields, and scoot the 10-15 miles to 8A6.

Who knows; if it's severe-clear, Oz may even make it in....

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It sounds like a winner. It will be good to see you again. All's quiet so far down here at KLNA. I hope the weather will be cooperative. It seems that all the fly-in's we plan on attending, the weather gets in the way. Hope to see you then.

Holly (of Ed & Holly)

Dr Bill Heybruck < (> wrote:
I picked a date, now let's see how many will come.

To be held at 8A6.(Just EAST of Charlotte, inside the 30mi Mode C veil but
no contact necessary if under 6000ft.

Just a BS session, and looking at my corroded parts!!

PORK BBQ and slaw for $1.00 per sandwich (slaw and chips included). I'll
have cheap softdrinks too. (PEPSI, DIET PEPSI, 7 UP, etc)

I'll ask for a count the week before so I know how much stuff to get.

Bill Heybruck
76 Sundowner N9230S
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