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Thread: BACFest 2010!

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    Exclamation BACFest 2010!

    Time is getting short, Get registered and make your reservations before the prices go up!

    Let's all show up for a good time!

    Editors Note: Here is the periodically updated registration list. We'll update this 1-2 time a week from the database as needed, this thread has also been made sticky on the Fly-Ins forum for now. Please put your updates on plans here. This thread will get pretty long so on the week of BACFest we'll start a new thread specifically for folks to update on actual travel progress (or lack thereof) when the time comes so we're not having to work through 10 pages to get current status. PayPal status is current as of today on your registration page - I don't have current info on check payments as Brad has been out but I should get those this week. We have 35 attendees total registered and 18 headcount paid via PayPal. Thanks All.
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    If you've never strolled along the San Antonio Riverwalk, you're in for a real treat. And San Antonio is not just about Mexican food and margaritas. Walk inside the Alamo and you can feel the history around you. From there, stroll over to the Menger Hotel and sit in the bar where Teddy Roosevelt recruited the Roughriders.

    Best yet, it's all within easy walking distance of our headquarters hotel.

    As Teddy told his recruits............pony up, boys!!!

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    Looking forward to the trip and seeing all my BAC friends I only get to each year at BAC Fest! Make this your first one if you have never been.

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    Hey gang how about some chatter?
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    OK, here's some chat: Are we all flying into Stinson? Will there be ground trans there back to the LaQ?

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    Copy from the article that will appear in the imminent issue of BAC Talk:
    If you are flying in the big birds, you will arrive at KSAT. There are many ways to get to the hotel from there. Probably the best way is the airport shuttle. Tickets are $18 one way or $32 round trip. They will take you right to the front door. Cab fare is in the $24-26 range and is based on distance, not the number of passengers. So three or more in a cab is cheaper than the shuttle (plus or minus the tip).
    If you are coming in as PIC, be IFR or use flight following for the last leg. You will have to talk to SA Approach anyway, so get an early start. It will also allow the host FBO a heads up on your arrival. If you are renting a car, please make the reservation through San Antonio Aviation. They will be able to get the best local rate from either Enterprise or Hertz and they will be able to insure that your car is waiting for you when you arrive. And more important, it will give us a handle on who is flying in that we will have to help getting downtown. We should be able to provide some kind of sporadic “shuttle” during the day Thursday, but after late afternoon, you may have to use a Taxi. Cab fare to downtown is $20.
    The bottom line is that you will probably not need a car during the event as everything is within 3 blocks of the hotel. Our last visit in March, we parked the car (Had to drive due to weather) when we arrived on Friday afternoon and didn’t get back in it until we left on Sunday morning. Parking will cost you $18/night at the hotel, for the car that you probably won’t need.
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    San Antonio is a hoppin' town. I'll admit it grew some since my earlier visit 15 years ago. But, wow, what a town. Literally, everything you would want is within lazy man's walking distance. Food (all kinds), shopping, the River Walk (or float, if you prefer...sight seeing barge rides), and the Alamo. (No, no, no. It is not out in the desert like the movie. It is right downtown!)

    Bo is correct, as only a native Texian could be, you will not need a car for anything downtown. If yo want to do the zoo, you may want to look into the bus system. That's what Denni and I did...after we had already walked 5 miles! (Damned tourist maps.) But it's handy.

    For back and forth to Stinson, they have those (not-so) Minivans for taxis. And, no, don't matter how many people on board, the price is the same...based on miles. It's a good deal.

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    We are still on the fence. Mary does not have vacation time saved up since she just started her new job. I have time to burn so I may still make it. I'm thinking about flying in on thursday and leaving saturday morning after breakfast. I will have another pilot with me to split the flying each way. Heck, I hope to get some actual, flying home of course, and build the cross country skills. I hope to have an answer in the next week or so. I also have a fly in weekend scheduled for the first weekend in October in West Virginia (WV62). So many great places, never enough money or time!
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    I just booked my trip. Looking forward to seeing everybody again. It has been a few years since I have seen some of you. And of course, there are still way too many that I haven't met.
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    Regrettably I have a conflict, and will not be able to attend. I will be in Canada from the 4th to the 15th, apologies to the Board..... it was going to be a full (or nearly so) quorum of board members.
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