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Thread: Copper State Fly-in Saturday, October 23rd 2010

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    Copper State Fly-in Saturday, October 23rd 2010

    Is anyone interested in joining me at the Copper State Fly-in Saturday, October 23. I would like to participate in their "Showcase Fly-by" and think it would be fantastic to have more than one BAC plane in the display.

    A link to the Fly-in:

    Here is the description of the Showcase:

    JOIN US! the COPPERSTATE aircraft "Showcase" fly-by pattern.

    Fly-in visitors are encouraged to show their aircraft to the COPPERSTATE audience the way they

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    I'd like to go, but my wife has a fundraising event in Pheonix that afternoon/evening. I might grab the kid and dash out for a little bit though.
    My airplane isn't slow... it's stately.

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    I should be able. Got to get my Oct schedule first. I will list it on my calendar.

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    Sorry I won't be able to make the Copper State Fly-in after all. N2354W "Luci" had a little trouble on the way home from BACFest and I had to set her down at the Bridgestone/Firestone test track just west of Fort Stockton, Texas. She needs a new cylinder and won't be fixed for a few more weeks. Have fun out there.

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    Wow! Sounds like an event! Glad you found a place to set it down. Too bad I chose to fly to STL after BACFest. I could have help you get as far as PHX. If you need some help with this, let me know.

    I forgot to mention, I'll be there. Hope others can show up.

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.
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    Orbiting Earth Flight Levels ThomSmith's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    In the Blue Mountains of North East Oregon
    Marty (and anyone else planning to attend Copperstate)

    There will be a vendor there selling a flap handle extension devise (of which Marty is one of four of us that bought one - ever installed it?), and is putting together some advertizing for BACTalk and offering a special deal to anyone buying one at the fly in. He is in fact offering to make a special deal for all BAC members, details probably in the next BACTalk.

    His device is called "EZFlap" and is a particularly interesting safety enhancement for many of us that have to "dip" below the glareshield to deploy flaps, and, if you are like me, end up just letting the johnson bar slam to the deck when retracting after landing.

    Preliminary reports from our fleet are that it works great. I am going to install mine today, and will do a report and review afterwards. But for anyone remotely interested who is making the Copperstate Fly-in, it would be worth you time to look him up. I'd bet he would install one on your plane to evaluate right then and there (like he did for us at Arlington).

    Attached is a flyer he put together just for us - even though it seems targeted to the SW region, he has indicated he will extend this offer at Copperstate.

    EZ Flap Beech Free Offer Flyer.pdf
    Thom Smith
    67 Super III

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    I'll be at KCGZ. No, I haven't installed it. My IA/flight instructor want's me to get it done because his short arms and over-sized belly doesn't allow him to reach the floor for the flap handle. So, he can't fly the Sierra with out my help. Now the weather has broken, I don't have an excuse.

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.

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    grrr heading to aviation day at KIPL...someday I get to meet you guys

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    Anyone flying to Casa Grande for the Copperstate fly-in, check the NOTAM at:

    Look for Sierra N65128, I'll be wearing a gray tee-shirt and Levi's.

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.
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    Copperstate is in the history books. Great weather and wonderful time. Lots of really need stuff and the ramp was full of transit airplanes. I mostly took photos of the Warbirds and the Classics. Virgil (with me in the picture) is one of the volunteers at Copperstate. He was based at KCHD until he lost his medical and sold his Cardinal. I'll post the photos as soon as I can figure that out. Some fairly rare airplanes this year. A PB4Y-2 Privateer, a NA-50/P-64, a nice Stinson Reliant, B-17 and B-25. The Yaks were there and more RVs than you could count.

    Copperstate 2010 001.jpg

    Marty Vanover

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