is Dauphin Island (4R9).

It sits at the mouth of Mobile Bay and is just across the channel from Gulf Shores. The strip juts out into the water and is a fun place to land. There's not much at the airfield, no fuel, a few tiedowns and only a locked elevated metal building (containing electrical equipment?).
But there's a pay phone on the platform outside the building (my cell phone wouldn't get a signal there). My favorite (and the only one I've tried so far) place to eat is the Seafood Galley (251-861-8000) call and they'll come pick you up. Once they picked me up in an old Jag. They had a wire hooked to the door handle on one side so the driver could open the back door. Or you can walk there in about 15 minutes. Take the first right after leaving the airport and it'll take you right to the beach and the Seafood Galley. Once I went straight out and it was about a 45 minute walk the long way.

The Seafood Galley is just across the road from the public beach on the south side of the island. There's also a motel right next to the Seafood Galley. I've never stayed there but I've seen planes fly in with kids, suitcases, sand buckets, etc.

There's an old fort on the east end of the island that guards the entrance to Mobile Bay, or at least it used to a hundred years or so ago. I've flown over it but haven't been inside since I was a kid.

This would be a great place for the Southeast gang to gather one Saturday. I'd even drag along some of the local SC boys that are always looking for someplace to fly to. Ole Kent Greene will fly anywhere that has good food, in fact I'm not even sure the food has to be that good to attract him, just plentiful.

President, BAC