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Thread: BACFest 2010 Happenings

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    BACFest 2010 Happenings

    Starting a new thread for goings on at BACFest 2010. In that vein I'd like to add this video of Dan riding Doug's new folding bike:

    also available for more easy memorization at:

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    Good stuff, Mark! Thanks for sharing. I guess Dan can add another rating to his certificate! Way to go, Dan-O!!!!
    All for one!
    Chris Linderman
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    What is the criteria to pass the checkride, make it back alive?

    In Oz
    (Wish I was in TX)

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    I think that is accurate. I rode the thing down to Doug's hotel dodging sidewalk pedestrians and trying not to run off the curb into the bus lane at the same time.


    I think that thing should require a type rating. Much more difficult than a jet. I guess if you are going to wind up on U-tube it could be much worse. At least I did not take a header off of it. Missed you today.

    Dan Jonas
    Daniel Jonas

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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth sjcote's Avatar
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    We are trying to find where we stowed all our junk in the hotel room so we can leave.
    I want to thank all our great friends of BAC for making this a wonderful event. I look forward to seeing you all and more in New York in 2011!

    Steve Cote
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    Update from Doug - lunch and gas at Mansfield, LA then gear wouldn't retract on takeoff and now stuck at Alexandria, LA trying to find an A&P late on a Sunday.

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    Chris and I are spending the night in Plainview, TX. PIREP: Couldn't climb above 2500' due to low ceilings for over a hundred miles out of SSF. After that - constant light turbulence rest of way. An early departure tomorrow morning should get us home to Denver by 11AM. Will post after that. Good luck, Doug. Good to see everyone in SA. Safe flights, all!
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    Denise and I sure enjoyed meeting & getting to know everyone. Made it back to TRL about 2:30. 2500 feet for 30 miles then on top at 7500 rest of the way home....much smoother ride.

    Many thanks to all BAC Directors for a superb BACFest 2010 and an absolute standing ovation to Bo and Sandra for their over and above efforts.....GREAT JOB !!!

    Looking forward to NY.... Hope we get to come.

    Rodney & Denise

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    Left KSSF without issues and climbed to 9500 above the clouds for a nice smooth ride. The clouds disappeared as promised after College Station then on Eastward. Stopped for lunch at 3F3 and to get a little of the $3.19 gas. Gear was stuck down after take-off and decided to proceed to KAEX to a bigger airport for a check. Was going to try to make it home but that darn speed break of gear would get us above 110 mph. Found a great A&P and got Bob Lewis on the phone also. Just an FYI, if an A&P checks the brushes on the gear MAKE SURE they line up the notch when putting the cap back on. The cap was put on crooked causing the brushes to wear wrong. Got it cleaned up and put back on correctly and voila we have a great working motor now. Spending the night in Alexandria, LA then home in the morning.

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    Great news, Doug! So glad you were able to resolve the problem with some awesome help from great people. Fly safe in the morning.


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