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Thread: Fly-In Savannah Tower Tour , November 19th, 2010

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    Fly-In Savannah Tower Tour , November 19th, 2010

    It looks like I've had enough replies to go ahead and set this up. There have been several requests for the possibility of a Gulfstream tour, and I will pursue that through two of our members here who are employees of Gulfstream.

    One other major aviation attraction in Savannah you might want to partake is The Mighty 8th Air Force Museum. The 8th Air Force was formed in Savannah right after the start of WWII, and the museum celebrates those men who flew with it. The highlight of the museum is a Boeing B-17 that is in the main display room being restored. I haven't been there in a bit, so I don't know how much you get to crawl over her, but she's there and BIG!

    Additionally, I've cleared a special parking area at Savannah Aviation where all our planes can park together, and am checking on getting Savannah Aviation's discount for full-serve fuel for members.

    The early tentative schedule is a gathering by 2:00 PM at Savannah Aviation, the Signature van taking us over to the tower, then the van taking us to Spanky's restaurant for a member dinner and general carousing. That leaves you all Saturday to explore Savannah (or the Gulfstream tour if it can be arranged) for Saturday morning, and then the rest of the weekend on your own.

    The only requirement for the tower visit is that you are a US citizen. They are not allowing foreign nationals at this time.


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    Oops. Forgot the link to The Mighty 8th:

    Also, will have a yea or nay on the Gulfstream tour within a couple of days.


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    Don't forget to post this on the BAC calendar as a BAC Fly-In.
    All for one!
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    Will do. I'm waiting on the status of a Gulfstream tour so that I have a compete listing.


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    Posted the Fly-In on the calendar. The Gulfstream tour is not gonna happen.


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    I will be there. Haven't been to that area in 18 yrs (Honey Moon on Jekyll Island).
    Eddie Smith

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    Just remember that lunch is on BAC. Come down and enjoy the area. If you have never been to Savannah plan at least an overnight stay to see the historic river walk area.

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    Yup. River Street, the nation's largest historic district, Spanish Moss overhanging the streets, incredible restaurants, weather in the 70's, 250 year-old mansions, lots of night life, and an amazing airport. Runway 10/28 is 9351 feet long and 01/19 is over 7000 feet long. Savannah is a Class C airport with a whole bunch of approaches.

    Hotels are reasonable to ludicrous, as are the restaurants.

    If you're coming in from the west, gas up (self-serve) at Claxton, KCWV, 32 miles away. 100LL is $3.89/gallon; from the north, stop at 88J, Allendale, SC 52 miles away. 100LL at 3.85/gallon (full-serve, but they close relatively early.) If you want the truck to come to you at KSAV, I think I can get it for 5.21/gallon.


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    CANCELLED! Fly-In Savannah Tower Tour , November 19th, 2010

    Sorry folks. The Controller Manager called me and let me know that after the Dubai/Chicago fiasco, they have cancelled all tower tours for the rest of the year. I tried to come up with something else, but everything fell through. I'll find another reason to get all y'all here to Savannah...


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