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Thread: Open Nominations for BAC Elections

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    Article: Open Nominations for BAC Elections

    All for one!
    Chris Linderman
    BAC Founding Member & former President
    Sierra N5106M
    KSUN (Hailey, ID)

    States visited by N5106M

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    As you get nominees, will you update the news article?

    Chris L.

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    I nominate Dan Jonas for President and Marshal Whatley for Southwest RD-Bob Lewis

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    Did they agree to run if nominated? They are great candidates but they need to be willing to run and serve.

    Or, are you just nominating them and they don't get a choice?!?!?

    All for one!
    Chris L.

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    I believe both will run. What is your definition of agree?

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    You can always make me laugh! Good one!


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    I second those nominations.


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    Lot's of exciting nominations coming in, Dan Jonas for President, Tom Corcoran for Northeast RD, Marshal Whatley for Southwest RD and Ed Smith for Southeast RD.
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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth sjcote's Avatar
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    Springfield, Massachusetts
    I wish to place Tom Corcoran in nomination for Northeast Director.
    In addition to being one of our Founding Members, he has been Northeast RD before. He is an active pilot and has always been a regular at events in the Region. He has been the originator for many of them.

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    It is wonderful to see some new people deciding to run for office. This is the kind of vibrant and active membership that will keep BAC healthy!

    Good luck to all!

    Chris L.

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