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Thread: 2011 Southeast Fly-ins

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    2011 Southeast Fly-ins

    Looking for input on interesting places for scheduling fly-in in our region. Send me a pm on places and or a date. Any and all suggestions will be looked at. We will have quite a few events this year(weather permitting). Doug has done an excellent job over the years, so I will take any advise trying to fill his shoes.
    Eddie Smith

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    Although I have never flown in there I would think that Apalachicola would make for a great overnight fly in. I was there twice back when I had to work for a living. First time was a fluke that my wife found in an airline magazine on the "Gibson Inn". She loves those type of places and she had to check it out. Then, went back a second time. Both visits were great, if you like the slow life. The Gibson Inn has a very nice restaurant and a great bar. It was a fun time. I think I've already posted something about "Boss Oysters", but let's say it was also a good experience and within walking distance from the Gibson Inn. I'm not sure about transportation from the airport, but you could call one of the FBOs to check on that.

    Another place could be Pensacola. Lots of inexpensive hotels there and the Naval Aviation Museum is one of the best. Ya'll can go and gawk at all the airplanes I use to work on when I was a kid in the Navy. By the way if you take the tour, the Radar Intercept Officer in the F-4s were seldom called RIOs. They were better known as GIBs (guy in back). Please pay homage to the A-4F in the entry way. Those paddle equipped Mk-82 hanging from the TERs have a story behind them. The airplane is in the colors of VA-163 "Saints". I was in the sister squadron, VA-164 "Ghost Riders". The "Saints" was the squadron John McCain was in when he was shot down over the North. I'm the only famous guy from the "Ghost Riders".

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.

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    Hey Ed! We can plan a joint Midatlantic-SE fly in to the Bahamas before Sun n Fun. We'll talk soon.

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    Sounds great!
    Eddie Smith

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    Rick, Tim, and Joe have been wanting to plan something for Savannah. Brad always does the four corners of Kentucky. AAF is great (heading there this weekend) and a Lambert's run is always on. A good first one of the year is the Aircraft Super Sale at FFC (March). There is also the ATL Tracon and National Weather Service close by which had a good turnout years ago (both need to be arranged with numbers in advance - TRACON needs SSNs and full names at least a week in advance. Sun-n-fun is always is the big April one with a side trip to the Bahamas. Let me know if you need anything.

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    How about "Fantasy of Flight" near Lakeland FL.

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