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Thread: Bay Area Fly-in 1-27-2011

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    Cool Bay Area Fly-in 1-27-2011

    Here we have Mike and Doug's Sundowner parked at the South Bay Fly-in Transit parking, so that's two of us.

    And with this bird parked for sale, that makes three of us.

    The only problem was that Doug never remembers to tell us he is coming! I would have bought you lunch Doug!


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    The only question I have is do I get PT points for a fly-in that only my plane attended?!?! Does this count as the first South West fly-in of the year?

    I was busy meeting with clients during my time there at RHV. By the way, Ernie from the airport staff told me today that Mike was "looking for me." Must have been to buy me that lunch. Next time for sure Mike!

    The weather looked quite different this morning. RHV was zero-zero ceiling and visibility for a time this AM when I was ready to depart with fog. I managed to get out IFR on the Decot One RNAV procedure. First time I've departed in zero-zero conditions that I can recall from anywhere. I counted eight aircraft all trying to leave RHV IFR at the same time. All departures and there were no arrivals due to the low ceilings. It was quite the show.

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    My airport is one busy place. It tells you something when there are eight in queue when it's zero, zero doesn't it! Just think what this place looks like a few hours later when it's sunny, 70, and CAVU!

    I'll look for you next time Doug, it will be fun to see you!
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    Mike, why not post your annual as a BAC event?

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    That didn't occur to me, but I have lots of pictures. A guy needs to fly, but without friends calling when they come in, how do we know they're coming? So, I had my IA pull me around the airport for a while.

    Mags on the bench, lots to do.

    But sometime a buddy will give you a ride in his Barron (another fine Beech product). This is Adam's Barron Bob; you met him at one of our real fly-ins at Watts-Woodland.

    I was just pulling Doug's leg, it wasn't really a fly-in, but I have seen him at my airport several times with no call. However, I know everyone is busy. I don't know if you were kidding, there was no smiley, but again I was just kidding with Doug. Sorry if I wasted anyone’s time looking at a fake fly-in.

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    That is a nice looking Baron !!! I remember Adam worked his to be able to purchase his dream plane. I'm pleased that he succeeded.

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    How Many BACs = Fly-in

    I wish I had thought of it.
    Drag your plane around behind a car and call it a fly-in!
    Congratulations Mike Conway of the "Bay Area" (?? Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island??... Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts??).

    We had a "Bay" fly-in this weekend in New Hampshire.

    The photo shows (on the left) Ron Cribbie the Airboss of New Hampshire and Tom Corcoran Northeast Regional Director... at Emerson Aviation at Laconia Airport NH. We are waiting for the other 22 BACers to arrive.

    This was our alternate as the ice runway at Alton Bay, Lake Winnepesaukee was unusable this weekend.
    The ice runway recorded hotline is 603 875-3498 if you want to go on your own.

    Tom Corcoran
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I don't know how it got the name, but most of the country considers the Bay Area as the San Francisco Bay Area California. I hear the national news use the same nomenclature regularly for this specific bay. I know there are other notable bays in the US. Also, I see all the snow on the entry there at the hanger door; the only white you'll see here most of the winter was the white rags under my mags. It has been in the 70's here until I started my annual, which I do outside, and the weather has been as hard on me as my fellow BAC members in this thread!

    One parting thought, Google "The Bay Area" and see if your bay or mine pops up. Really, I'd like to know if the search engines favor where it believe your MAC address is located.

    ps: did the other 22 BAC'ers show up, or is it just you guys. Two guys and one airplane in the photo, I think my fake fly-in beat that!
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