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Thread: Sun N Fun 2011

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    Sun N Fun 2011

    I'm going and can work the BAC booth a couple of sessions/days. Are we doing anything this year? Rap

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    As you know I sent out a bulkmail to everyone in the Southeast region last night. You are on of only a few that can help this year. Mike R. was Doug's right hand man for this event. He was the one to hang the BAC banner around the tree with chairs. I can't be there untill Thursday. So unless something changes my thinking is to atleast try to get the banner up with the chairs around it to give a place to "hang out at". We will still have the dinner Thursday evening @ the Bonefish Grill so that everyone can get together and still enjoy the airshow on Friday night.
    Eddie Smith

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    Eddie, got the bulk email and responded. Rap

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    Yes, I received it. Thanks
    Eddie Smith

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    I will be there Thurs and can help if needed. Is there a sign-up sheet?
    Peter Donofrio
    Sundowner N1945L

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    Wish I could help as I have the past few years, but schedule makes it doubtful. Enjoy Sun n Fun everyone and if anyone needs a rest stop in Norfolk Va along the way drop me a line.

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    I need a head count if you plan on attending the BAC dinner Thursday March 31st 7pm @ the Bonefish Grill Lakeland, Fl. Please respond here.
    Eddie Smith

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    Hannelore & I will be there Thurs and would love to have dinner with you - see you there!
    Peter Donofrio
    Sundowner N1945L

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    Sound great. Remember everyone it is free company and FREE dinner!
    Eddie Smith

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    Is it you or me that you can't tempt people with a free meal at Bonefish?? I promise I'll wash before getting there...
    Peter Donofrio
    Sundowner N1945L

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