The dash four (3/4" from pin centerline to edge of flange) should work. It is close to three rivet diameters from the centerline of the rivet row, to the edge of a -4, 3/4" wide flange. If you want to play it safe, at the cost of a possible need to do a little trimming, you can order the dash five width, which is 7/8" wide. That would provide an extra rivet diameter from the rivet row to the edge of the flange. AC43 specifies a minimum of two rivet diameters (from a rivet hole to the edge of the piece).

Note that, unless you have a broken leaf on both sides (or a seriously worn hinge bore), you only need to replace the bad side and the hinge pin. As I have posted before, taxiing with an open door, and especially doing start-up and shut-down with the door open, is what breaks the piano hinge. If you don't have powered cabin ventilation (or a Kool-Scoop), and must therefore use an open door during hot weather, at least keep it closed during start-up and shut-down.

I have a replacement rolled-style hinge, but unfortunately it is still down in my KSGJ maintenance hangar, so I can't measure it for you. Since I have just been using pieces from my NAS40 stock as needed, rather than ordering it at the moment, I just don't remember with certainty what the actual size is.

----- Original Message -----
From: Dan Siebold
Sent: Monday, July 11, 2005 11:42 AM
Subject: [musketeermail] door hinge

Hi guys,

It's been a while. My mouse is in for annual and need a door hinge.
Found the supplier in CA. Genuine aircraft hardware. But, does anyone
know the exact specs (width, length, etc) for the hinge (NAS40). Want
to make sure I get the right one. 79 C23. Looked thru the archives
and BAC stuff and couldn't find it. Thanks in advance.

Dan Siebold
N6047C @ VAY C23
Haddonfield, NJ

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