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Thread: Napa Fly-in (Hijacked Event)

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    Napa Fly-in (Hijacked Event)

    Since the Columbia Fly-in was postponed, I thought there might be a few people around who might still want to fly somewhere. And, since my airplane is sitting in the hanger waiting for the IA to complete the annual inspection, I figured that Napa (KAPC) would be a good place to meet.

    I called, emailed and posted a one day notice fly-in. This thing does not qualify for PT points, but it did get a few of us together for a nice visit and lunch.

    Marshall Whatley came the farthest (at least for the day's flying), coming up from Southern California. Marty Vanover flew up from Salinas where he was visiting family, but technically, he lives the farthest away of the participants. Bob Lewis flew over the hill in his new to him Bonanza. I just drove out to the airport.

    My schedule does not usually accomodate the weekend fly-in standard, so it was particularly fun for me to have these fine gentlemen pay me a visit on short notice. It just goes to show how simple putting together a fly-in can be.

    Daniel Jonas

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    I flew over for lunch and I stayed until almost dinner time. Just goes to show what airplanes and good company can do with a schedule.

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    Just got current again last night, (flight review, better late than never). Yesterday turned out gorgeous!

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