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Thread: Columbia, California - April 16

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    Columbia, California - April 16

    We've rescheduled the Columbia, California (O22) Fly-In for Saturday, April 16.

    Columbia is a 1850's era Gold Rush town in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California. It has many historic buildings of the period, and it is also a State Park. And, conveniently, a short walk from the Columbia Airport.

    The plan would be to meet up at the airport about 10:30 AM, walk to the town, browse the shops before having lunch at one of the restaurants in town. There are two renovated hotels in town if someone wants to make this event an overnight trip.

    More details on the town can be found here:

    See you in Columbia!

    Doug Faucette
    N60003 - 79 C23

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    I posted the event on the calendar again. We hope to attend.
    All for one!
    Chris Linderman
    BAC Founding Member & former President
    Sierra N5106M
    KSUN (Hailey, ID)

    States visited by N5106M

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    Thanks Chris. Hope your plane will be flying soon. And that we have nice warm weather for that date.

    Doug Faucette

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    Went to Salinas to "stage" for the fly-in last Friday and found it canceled by the time I arrived in KSNS. The weather on Saturday was good enough to make it to Napa and had a great time with the Prez, our SWRD and Bob Lewis. Good lunch and overall great time with a fine group of gentleman. Barely made it back to KSNS before the marine layer migrated from the Santa Cruz bay shore to the airport. But my lookout (wife) positioned in Monterey gave me the "heads-up" in enough time to have an uneventful return flight.

    Unfortunately, the trip blew my entire flying budget for this month. So, everyone have fun in Columbia! Sorry I can't make it.

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.

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    I might be able to make it weather cooperating with VFR out of SoCal. Candy will be back in Minnesota the day before so just me. I'm not IFR current and won't be by the 16th of April but working on being there by mid-May (may delay until post-annual just to be practical on spending for GPS updates, etc).

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    Looks like the weather is going to cooperate this time, and Pam has agreed to join us. I'll be there!

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    Indeed, it does look as though the weather will cooperate with us for Saturday's Fly-In to Columbia. The plan is to meet up at the airport at 10:30 AM. That should give our members on the coast time for any morning stratus to burn off. We'll walk to town (about 1/2 mile), and tour some of the shops, before heading to lunch at one of the restaurants (possibly Bart's.)

    If you need my cell number, send me a PM. Hope to see a good turn out with the favorable weather.

    Doug Faucette
    N60003 - 79 C23

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    Doug, I will arrive around 10:00 with the banner. Due to needs at home I can only stay until 12:30. See you there.

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    I may or may not make it. SuperMouse isn't fast and with the necessary zigging (there's a lot of hot airspace this weekend in SoCal) it's flight planning out at 3:30 or a bit more. Forecast is clear in the morning but the look out the window forecast says that's iffy so unclear if there will be fog - if there is it won't be clear by 7a. Also unclear if I can get myself out of bed at the 5a necessary to service the cats and get out the door without Candy's help as she's about to board to head back to Minneapolis to deal with our renter/house situation in part. Right now I put probability at a bit less than 50% - I'll know more once I see if things roll in tonight and the late evening TAFs come out. I also have to know I can get back with not having Candy as backup to pick me up somewhere farther North and/or cover the cats if I don't make it back.
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    Well, it looks as though the weather may be a factor for some in the morning hours on Saturday. North of Sacramento looks like there will be areas of MVFR, and periods of IFR are possible in the mountains. The coast also looks like it will pick up a stratus layer. So for everyone planning to come, please check your route weather closely. At this time, Columbia still looks like it will be VFR, so we're proceeding with the Fly-In as scheduled.

    Mark, hope you can make it.

    Doug Faucette
    N60003 - 79 C23

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