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Thread: Fly-in/Drive-in/rain or shine

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    Fly-in/Drive-in/rain or shine

    Guntersville, Al. (8A1) Breakfast on 2nd Saturday of each month, 8:00-10:00AM. A $5.00 donation is all they ask for. Beautiful setting on the Tennessee River. One hangar has a Tri-Wing Sopwith, a Stearman and a Bi-Wing Beech Travelaire from back in the day and in great condition. They will have a breakfast this Saturday.
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    Thanks for posting. I hope to make one of these. Please post on the calendar so we can be aware of future events.
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    Mel, great to see this. Fly over there all the time. I will post on calendars if you don't. Can't wait to make some of these.
    Eddie Smith

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    The Guntersville, Al. EAA website is
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