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Thread: Blue Ridge Mountain High!

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    Blue Ridge Mountain High!

    There will be a Wings & Wheels event at Hot Springs, VA (HSP) on August 6, 2011. This is the highest elevation (3793 ft) public use airport east of the Mississippi! I have talked to Paul Werbin and he plans to post this to the event calendar as an official BAC event. There will be cars and planes and food and aerobatics and music and dancing and, oh well, you get the idea! It's usually nice and cool at that elevation so come and cool off in the middle of the summer! It's also a great airport to add to your collection! Hope to see you there!

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    Hi Alan,

    Sounds like a GREAT destination - might have to try this one too... After a 7K annual - I REALLY need to get my moneys worth out of flying...


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    This is a beautiful location. Lots of fun. And a great chance to review density altitudes for.those that live at sea level.

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    You ought to go to Google Earth and take a look at the airport. Check out the photos!

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    West Virginia, mountain mama, take me home, country roads...

    Once again - I'll be hoping to make this one - and - if weather permits - I'd like to at least make a weekend of it... It looks like KHSP really doesn't have any accommodations located nearby so Iím looking at Greenbrier Valley... Anyone familiar - lodgings - activities - food - and - drink (And I REALLY want some good biscuits and gravy for breakfast) ???

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    Morn'n Folks,

    Just some photos I found of Ingalls Field...

    What a cool looking airport...

    Hah - looks like a carrier launch from the runway...

    I hope we have some of the same weather as in the photos...

    (Just ignore the strut and high wing)


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    The last of them...


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    Nice photos! Great place to fly. Beware of the downdraft on short final on a windy day. If looking for a second stop in the area or a backup.plan the lewisburg WV greenbriar valley airport was built to handle airforce one in an emergency. The entire area has some nice B&Bs and bike trails as well as some real high end resorts like "The Greenbriar" which has an underground bunker to handle congress in case of attack.

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    Attack Congress?? That's a great idea!

    BTW, nice pics Scott!
    Gene McPherson


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    Nice picks, but from a Cessna??

    Rick Spann

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