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Thread: BACFest 2012

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    BACFest 2012

    Just saw a post talking about BAC Festival 2012 as being in Gulf Shores, MS! I do believe that will be in the Great State of Alabama, on the Redneck Riviera. Local airport : KJKA! Great place to visit.

    Here are the BACFest details (added by moderator, Chris Linderman):

    Mark your calendars and start thinking about plans for BACFest 2012. The warm and beautiful, white sand beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama will play host to our next annual gathering, September 27-30, 2012. Jack Edwards Airport (KJKA) will be our host airport and the Island House Hotel will be our headquarters for social events. Reservations are now being accepted at the hotel. Book now and you can always make adjustments as the time draws near.

    Here’s all you need to make your reservation: Island House Hotel, 26650 Perdido Beach Blvd., Orange Beach, AL 36561. The phone number is 800-264-2642 or 251-981-6100. Let them know you’re with Beech Aero Club and the group number is 2317726. Our group rate is $110/night ($35 less than regular rates). A credit card is required to hold the room, but no charges will be posted until check-in. Based on availability, the group rate will be extended three days before and after our meeting dates, so come early and/or stay late. There’s much to do in the area and plenty of shopping opportunities at the Tanger Outlet Mall about 15 miles from the hotel.

    The preliminary schedule is as follows:

    Thursday, September 27 – Group dinner at Lambert’s, home of the throwed rolls.

    Friday, September 28 – Group trip to the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL followed by the Welcome Reception that evening.

    Saturday, September 29 – Luncheons, Membership Meeting and Banquet

    Sunday, September 30 – Departures

    Additional details and registration will be available next spring. It’s BAC to the Beach in 2012!

    It's just a short walk from the hotel pool to the beach.....................
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    You are correct, Alabama will be our host state in 2012. Details are being hashed out and the preliminary schedule was mentioned in BACFire. The host hotel will begin taking reservations as soon and the contract has a few more i's dotted and t's crossed. Jack Edwards airport (KJKA) has hosted Cessna and Cirrus groups in the past, so they are anticipating a great turnout of Baby Beeches next September.

    And for those that like to eat, the Lambert's in Foley, AL is just a few miles from the airport. Throwed rolls will fill the air when the BACers arrive!

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    It is probably too late for BACFest 2012, but I would like to encourage the BAC Board not to hold BACFest's in September. In my part of the country, virtually every weekend in September is a celebration or festival of some kind. The biggest one in my town is always the last weekend of September. Normally my children and their families come to town for it. I went to BACFest 2010 and that was early in October which did not conflict with all the events in September. I know you cannot hold BACFest to suit everyone's schedule, but I do think that in September there are a lot of potential conflicting events. Thanks for listening!
    Mike Nielsen
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    It's always a tradeoff - we generally float around a little bit based on choices and availability. One issue we have is that October can sort of get us in trouble with weather more although we haven't really had better luck in September. We have done some polls but the membership does shift - a lot after a while - so it's always worth re-asking.

    Ultimately BACFest is a lot about having a local champion step up and push the site and have the willingness to get the event put together - it typically takes 100+ (probably more like 200+ if you're honest) to pull off a BACFest - and the right alignment of hotel, airport, FBO and timing is hard. And it's complicated further because we're not a big enough group to have a lot of pull at bigger 1st tier facilities and a lot of the smaller facilities where we might want to land don't have the setup to handle the meetings and banquets.

    Every BACFest we have had has been in part because a champion stepped up for that location. I'm not saying every one who steps up gets picked - but if you are persistent ods are good eventually. We don't have a lot of repeat volunteers on that - exactly 1 in fact . The champion is generally local or someone with a lot of travel flexibility and ability or budget. It will typically take at least 2-3 advance trips to the host locations to nail down an event.

    So if anyone has interest you are welcome to contact the club via the normal contact form and we'll get you some info. Brad has a made a great checklist of the key factors that have to come together for BACFest to work. One thing we have talked about is having things lined up a bit farther out - it gives more time to give due consideration and helps with the preparation process. Generally the facilities can't be booked more than a year out and often catering prices are set on 1/1 regardless of time of year - but things like activities and speakers can take a lot of legwork that can burn surprising amount of calendard. So interested advocates welcome...

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    Love the location, originally bought my plane to fly to my condo in Gulf Shores! Two blocks from the airport is LULU's, on the Intercoastal waterway, owned by Jimmy Buffets sister and great food. Across the ICW is Tacky Jacks, another semi-outdoor restaurant, great food. Probably 75 or more good places to eat within 5 miles or so of KJKA. September is best time of year to visit this area, Shrimp Fest is great event, usually in Sept-Oct, huge crowds then, and probably not a great time for our event because of hotel availability. Maybe I'll finally get to make a BACFest in 2012!!! f(PS, I like Lamberths also - to paraphrase, "I never met a food I didn't like")

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    So what is the date range and are there any hotels set up for discounts yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by knownbliss View Post
    So what is the date range and are there any hotels set up for discounts yet?
    Here you go:
    All for one!
    Chris Linderman
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    Thank you Yesterday I was pricing flight so Mobile, Al...yikes...

    Then I looked at New Orleans since we have never been there, stay a day or two and drive over...but still pricey.

    If I see a deal I will pounce on it.
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    If you plan to come commercially, you might also watch flights into Pensacola, FL (KPNS). It's only 30 miles or so from the hotel in Gulf Shores (about a 45 minute drive by car).

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    Here's the discussion about BACFest 2012. We have made our reservations! Hope we have a good turn-out. I'm still dreaming of 100 baby Beeches on the tarmac some day!

    See y'all there!
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    All for one!
    Chris Linderman
    BAC Founding Member & former President
    Sierra N5106M (former owner)
    KSUN (Hailey, ID)

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