A quick update on the Aug. 13 fly-in at Griffith- Merriville (05C).

For those of you who want to spend the night the Best Western Hotel (about 10 miles ) has quoted a room rate of $59.99 plus tax The reservations number is 219-865-3400. It is best to reserve the room then pick up the discount flyer from the FBO at Griffith. There are other hotels in the area and I would be glad to help you find something. Camping is also allowed on the field. The phone 3 for the FBO is 219-924-0207.
Management has promised some type of fuel discount and will have that information after Oshkosh.
As this is a somewhat casual get together arrive when you care to, we will have a tour of G& n"s engine shop about 11 followed by a BBQ ( hamburgers, Tubular steak(( hot dogs for those of you leading a sheltered life))and chicken) . Dave Snodgrass has promised to talk about THE TRIP to Alaska. We might have a few other items of interest including a discussion of Engine maintaince from someone at G&N as to what they have seen as the 10 most popular ways to ruin an engine. For those of you that might want to fly the lakefront shoreline and pay homage to what was once Meigs Field we will have all the info printed including who you have to contact and best altitude to stay out of trouble.
Of course this is a great way to meet your fello BAC members and also a few others that just show up whenever there is a party.
Hope to see you there