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Thread: Tehachapi Celebration of Flight!

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    Tehachapi Celebration of Flight!

    Hi All, a quick update. Tehachapi Celebration of flight is coming up this weekend. The Tehachapi Society of Pilots has really stepped it up this year. They have all sorts of activities planned, including: A car show, young eagles flights, bands playing, lots of food, static displays, "aerial demonstrations" (not officially an air show,) hot air balloon rides, biplane rides, wine tasting in the park, free camping in the park for everyone flying in, Movie in the park at dusk featuring Top Gun.... and Free Admission.

    Weather has been good, and the airport is pretty easy to get into. Tehachapi is in the mountains between Mojave and Bakersfield, centrally located in California. I plan on getting there for lunch on Saturday with my wife Shell and our five year old Max. I originally planned on camping at the park, well Shell has since vetoed that idea and we are now staying at the Fairfield Inn. If anyone wants to meet for lunch or dinner on Saturday, we will be there. There is a pancake breakfast on Sunday which we will also attend.

    The timing for this event is not ideal, being wedged between AOPA and BacFest, but anyone staying on the west coast is more than welcome to come!

    Rich Kutzner
    Sierra 6588R

    661-201-5549 cell

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    Hi, Rich,

    My name is Lois Hewitt and I hope to be flying there from APV on Sunday morning. I will have 2 planes going, a Musketeer and a Sundowner. I read somewhere there are plans for a place for all the Beech planes to park. I have been requested for a contact number by the Tehachapi Society of Pilots...let me know. We plan to be there for the pancake breakfast on Sunday, arriving about 9:30ish.

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    Hi Lois,
    Glad you will be coming! There should be lots to do and see. You can give them my number if you like. Austin Kalb is the organizer this year, and a good friend of mine. They are letting the "Club Planes" park directly next to the park, where all the activities are. (The Mooney club will be there as well, also some static displays of some Military planes and brand new aircraft.) The airport is pretty spread out, but the park is just east of the hangars.
    See you on Sunday!

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    Thunder and lightning last nite, blue skies and 70s today! Heading to the airport now.

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    Hey Rich, how was the weather at Tehachapi?

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    Saturday was nice, Clear with some puffy white clouds, Sun was CAVU. Lois and Al brought both there planes up! Their friend Kyle was with them and one other (sorry i forgot her name..) They have a great looking Musketeer and a very nice Sundowner. Sunday was pretty slow except for the Young Eagles flights, Saturday had bands playing all day and lots going on with around 2300 people attending (Counted thru the gate + all the volunteers) At one end of the airport, Burt Rutan's "Catbird" and "Boomerang" were on display. Very interesting planes! The "Stealth Bike" from American Chopper was on display. (Owned by Northrop Grumman) Anyway, good time, next year should be bigger and better.

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