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Thread: Open letter to Regional Directors

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    Open letter to Regional Directors

    This is what the Bylaws say the responsibilities of the Regional Directors are:


    Regional Directors The Regional Directors shall be responsible for organizing fly-ins and other events in their regions and reporting on these events to the Newsletter Editor.

    I'd like to ask each Regional Director to review their performance over the past year and if they feel they are unable or unwilling to perform their duties they should consider stepping down.

    Cloyd Van Hook
    Founder and Initial President of BAC
    Cloyd Van Hook
    Founder and First President of BAC

    States visited (though not necessarily landed in) by N2393L (AKA Minnie), N9227S (AKA Annie) and N26TM (AKA Mary) while I've owned and flown the aforementioned aircraft.

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    We need all members to step it up! Regional Directors are like managers in a company. They lead and direct to make sure the region is meeting its goals and the club's goals. I know we have leaders out there so please everyone let's LEAD! If a RD doesn't participate then the members will follow their lead. We should have EVERY Board member and at least 10 members from EACH region at EVERY BAC Fest! Thanks Cloyd for doing this. Doug
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    You were an exemplary RD. When you were RD of the SE Region you had a full calendar of events for members to paricipate in. Looking at the calendar for this year the number of fly-ins scheduled has dropped off significantly. Some regions have been more active than others. The RDs that have been active are to be commended. I'm suggesting that those that have not been able to be as active for whatever reason should reexamine whether they want to continue in the role of RD.
    Cloyd Van Hook
    Founder and First President of BAC

    States visited (though not necessarily landed in) by N2393L (AKA Minnie), N9227S (AKA Annie) and N26TM (AKA Mary) while I've owned and flown the aforementioned aircraft.

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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth ThomSmith's Avatar
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    I am glad that this thread has been opened up, since I fall into that very category of a RD that is "unable" to fill the shoe properly. And for what it's worth, as soon as I knew of my situation, I did indeed tender a resignation albeit sadly in the interest of club interests. It was refused, I can only guess out of some sense of empathy, and that really did make me feel good - but really ..... I am not doing the club any good at this point.

    So I would welcome any other Northwest member to step up and offer their willingness to serve the interests of a first class organization like BAC. I will assist in any way I am able, for as long as I am able if someone needs it. The club really needs a regional director that can keep a cohesive NW contingency as an active and noticeable part of BAC. There are so many great flying destinations here - even if the flying season is shorter than in some parts of the country. Although I have enjoyed some of the best experiences in my flying years in those "off" months.

    If ANYONE wants to consider the job, PLEASE drop me an email (in my profile) and we can discuss it in greater detail. I wish'd I had done more, and now that I can't it is a source of much regret that I did not follow through on some of my ideas. Maybe we still can!

    ALL FOR ONE!! (sorry I stole your tag Chris)
    Thom Smith
    67 Super III

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    I would love to be there, but the plane I was going to ride up in Still isnt ready. I can't make the trip this soon after my surgery by my self ( too far). He was hoping to have his plane back, but improper installs and improper paper work ( or lack there of) is still getting straightened out(plane was nowhere close to legal to fly anywhere) . No one is perfect (except my wife that is) just wish everything could finally be worked through.
    Eddie Smith

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    I am the current mid atlantic RD. I have tried to keep the region active and cosistently tried to provide BACTalk articles and updates. But, even with these goals I also feel that if there is someone in the region that feels like getting more involved I would be happy to step aside and let some new energy take part. If not I will keep trying to do my best. Unfortunately my travel plans will not let me attend bACFest this year which I do believe an RD should try to attend.
    Paul Werbin

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    Hi Paul, thanks for your efforts in BAC, if your looking to back out I'd like to nominate John Persinger, he just attened his first BAC fest and is all fired up to help out the club, so, I'll nominate John for the job.

    Steve Koski

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    As I recall the bylaws, Paul would have to resign first, then the President would nominate a person to complete the rest of the vacated position's term. The Board would approve the President's choice (or not) and things would go on from there.

    If Paul steps down, you should convince John to put himself forward to Dan for nomination and board approval. It has happened before and the system works pretty smoothly.

    Paul has done a fine job and I hope he will serve out his term but that is Paul's decision.
    All for one!
    Chris Linderman
    BAC Founding Member & former President
    Sierra N5106M
    KSUN (Hailey, ID)

    States visited by N5106M

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    I hope all the RD's stay on board and increase their activity. It doesn't take much to send regular emails and schedule lots of events. Let's get all regions more active. Remember ALL members can schedule fly-ins.

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    Just Talked to Paul and told him I would try to be more helpful in helping out our region. I had an awesome time this weekend. I only want the Virginia " AIRCZAR" position (if available) so I can make Dan Kirby feel like he is in Russia when he comes in for a fly Sorry I haven't been so active in the past. Paul has set up some excellent stuff and I feel bad I wasn't able to participate in the past.

    John Persinger

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