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Thread: Lambert's in Sikeston, Mo

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    Lambert's in Sikeston, Mo

    Home of the Throwed rolls! Enough said. You can't get a better meal for FREE. We will meet at the Sikeston airport at noon Oct. 29th. We will do a line walk of attending Beech aircraft then, they will pick us up and take us to lunch. We had to cancel this earlier in the year due to weather, so lets see you there.
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    Eddie Smith

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed View Post
    We will meet at the Sikeston airport at noon.
    What day are you planning to meet?
    David Leedom
    Center Point, IA
    '74 Sport N1979W

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    Darn it.. going to be in Wilmington, NC on the 29th weekend. Hey Paul W. - schedule a mid-Atlantic event for Wilmington, NC that weekend.

    Mobile: +1-706-317-3227 (GMT-5)

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    Never mind. I see it is on the calendar for 10/29.
    David Leedom
    Center Point, IA
    '74 Sport N1979W

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    Hope you can make it.
    Eddie Smith

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    Love them "throwed rolls!" It's been awhile since I've been there but it was great!

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    Reminder of the Fly In This Saturday the 29th @ Sikeston ,Mo for Lamberts. Arrive at 11am van leaves 11:30 sharp for the resturant. We will come back and do a line walk ( gives all the good food time to settle). Who plans on attending? If you need to contact me 615-504-2368
    Eddie Smith

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    Anyone arriving from the South or West might want to check out Kennett, MO (TKX). Current fuel price last Sunday $4.39. Nice facility.

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    Wow, great info on fuel. Thanks
    Eddie Smith

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    This is Bruce Kerr, Grady's partner in the Sundowner. Grady is tied up on a project but I'll be there tomorrow.

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