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Thread: Rough River (2I3 - Kentucky) - Saturday, December 3

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    Rough River (2I3 - Kentucky) - Saturday, December 3

    It's time again for the annual fall fly-in at Rough River state park in western Kentucky. A couple of years ago we had 20+ in a dozen planes attend. Plan to arrive by 11:45 AM Central time and we'll begin the short walk to the park lodge at noon. The buffet line beckons one and all! Free lunch for all BAC members and their guests accompanying them in their plane. The camaraderie if free for everyone.

    Any questions, give me a call, 859-707-6039.

    Brad Mitchell

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    Is anyone going to this fly-in? I am going to try and make it, the weather up here (NW Indiana) is calling for rain/snow in afternoon so it will be a last minute decision.

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    Jack, weather looks to be sunny & 55 degrees in these parts on Saturday. A few others plan to come with me from 27K, so there will at least be a handful of us. Hope to see you there. Brad

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    Grady & Bruce planning to attend. I will be flying a Skylane for a change (latest temptation). Hope to see you tomorrow. Gathering at the north end of the field if I remember correctly.

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    Hi Bruce. Yes at the unattended FBO on the approach end of runway 20. See you and Grady there. Brad

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    I wanted to make this one, but the weather here is going to be nasty. Maybe next year.
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    I will not be making it either, the wx looks OK to get down there but not on the return.


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    It was a good day to fly in Kentucky. Couldn't have been any smoother cruising down at 4500'. 3 BAC members were joined by 6 EAA chapter members for a total of 9 people and 5 planes. Thanks to all that attended.
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    I was on my way to your fly-in but I couldn't find Kentucky on my map.

    I suppose I could have followed the wonderful aroma of bourbon being distilled but I think there is an FAA rule about 8 hours from nose-to-yoke.

    Your turnout qualifies as a genuinely successful BAC FLY-IN. (Who are the BAC members in the photo?)

    Tom Corcoran... Boston... terrorizing Florida at the moment.

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