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Thread: Tulsa Oklahoma Fly In?

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    Tulsa Oklahoma Fly In?

    There is a HUGE fly in in Bartlesville, OK, BVO (Tulsa) on September the 16th and 17th. Are there any BAC members that are already considering going or would consider going if we stage a BAC fly in there? We would meet up and visit with each other, and enjoy the numerous planned events there. Here is a link where you can learn all about the fly in (in its 49th year).

    Jay Bruce

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    Sounds like a winner to me. These 45 minute flights are killers though
    Were you planning on both Friday and Saturday? We could make it Early Saturday and be able to spend the day.

    Dave B

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    I think it is more like 2.5 hours for me, so I probably would make it early Saturday and then leave a little before you would have to.


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