Hello all you Southwesterners.....

Just a little note.
First, The fly-in at Mojave Airport for September has been cancelled and I
have been unable to get a reason. I have a meeting with the airport manager
this week and I will bring this up to him and ask what went wrong. I was
really looking foreword to the fly-in and so was everyone else at the
airport. More on that after my meeting.

Next, Have you noticed that there are several BAC fly-in's east of the
Rockies but nothing out west? We need to get activities going out here. If
any of you would like to host a fly-in for just a day at your local airport
let me know or post it on the web site. You can e-mail me directly or on the
BAC site and I will help with what ever I can.

It does not have to be anything fancy. Just a place we can fly to and meet
other members. If there is some attraction near by, let everyone know. One
day trips over a weekend can be fun.

On the BAC site, there are many ideas for a fly-in. Just let me know what
you have in mind.

Have fun and

Jeff Bryant
Southwest Regional Director
Beech Aero Club
1975 Sport "160" N6993R
California City, Ca

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