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Thread: New Year

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    New Year

    After a busy year at BAC I want to take a minute to thank those people that do all the behind the scenes and keep BAC and the website going.

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    I add my thank you to all those who work hard to keep this site up and running. It can be taken for granted, it is alot of work, thank you Mark, Dan, and all who help.

    Merry Christmas!

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    +1 for Mike's comments. Merry Christmas to all !

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    I am a new member and wish to thank you all as well.. In these last few monthes I have learned an invaluable amount of info and I'm grateful to have "met" such wonderful and passionate people to share my aviation experiences with If my wife would only understand! LOL

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    Give her time. It took 3 yrs for my wife to "see it my way". Now she flys pretty regular. Good luck.
    Eddie Smith

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    Luckily, she'll fly with me if there is a reason- just to poke holes in the sky. I flew to Nashville this summer. WHere in TN are you?

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