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Thread: Sun n Fun 2012

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    Sun n Fun 2012

    OK, now that Santa is gone we need to start thinking of Sun n Fun '12. It will be here before you know it. Last year we didn't have a Club presence at the type booth (but also no one did after the tornado took it out). Do we set up this year, or???

    We have to have volunteers for this to happen. I had about 4 or 5 last year and we need about double that. Think about what you can do and private message me. We have to man the booth for the entire event. We will have a dinner again regardless. This is my busy time of the year at work, so I can't be there except maybe a day or two max.

    Let me hear some thoughts.
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    Eddie Smith

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    Here is the link to the site: The event is March 27 to April 1 this year. I can't make it this year as I will be at a wedding in Australia! Have fun!
    All for one!
    Chris Linderman
    BAC Founding Member & former President
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    KSUN (Hailey, ID)

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    Ok, Sun n Fun;

    I need to hear from you if you are going and the days you plan to be there. Some have told me the first part of the week and others I think for the weekend. I am looking at having the dinner Thursday night. This seems best from those I have heard from. The type tent isn't going to happen. It requires about 70 man hours of volunteers with little or no membership advances. There were only 3 types in there last year( albeit after a tornado ). It looks like I should be there for Thursday and Friday only. Bone Fish Grill @ 6 pm and I will insist they do better this year!
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    Eddie Smith

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    I plan on going but will be taking the motorhome instead of the airplane. I used to live in Florida so am planing on visiting some friends and family and doing some camping. I am flexable on days at Sun n Fun but right now I am planing on Thursday and Friday.
    Dave Stevens
    N7994L Super Mouse

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    I just got my schedule for March and I can probably make it to Sun and Fun. I did not get to go last year and would like to attend. I will let you know as the date gets closer.
    Daniel Jonas

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    I'll be there Saturday for the day. Staying in Tampa Friday, home Sunday.
    Don Poitras - N2325Q

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    I will be there sometime during the event. Not exactly sure when yet.

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    It looks like I will fly myself to TPA and drive in on Friday and Sat. Anybody need a ride from Tampa on those days?
    Also, what are guidelines for guests at our BAC dinner? I will have 2 non pilot guests. One child. Can I bring them? Will buy their dinner.

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    Paul, why aren't you flying in? That's half the fun. I'm flying from TPF (Peter O Knight) on Saturday if you want to avoid the lengthy drive.
    Don Poitras - N2325Q

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    Well... I guess that depends on what we each find fun. Closed airports, runway jams, airshow delays, trying to land behind a cub at 45 knots and ahead of a 172 at 110 knots neither of which seem to follow directions of ARC, being number 35 idling in the heat for take off..... been there.
    I love the Sun n fun activities and the vendor assortment. But I usually end up in Ybor for dinner anyway. So my pattern is PCM or VDF usually. This year flying in late Thursday and meeting friends for dinner Friday in Tampa. So it just makes sense. I know that flying in and/or camping is an adventure. But this year I am older and I guess just in a lazy mood I guess. But I will be glad to gloat over all the planes that others fly in!
    And if anyone needs a friendly stop near Norfolk VA on your way south, drop me a note before you head down. I will be here till Thursday evening.

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