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Thread: Article: Your Help in Membership Building

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    Article: Your Help in Membership Building

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    This Club is the greatest Resource for parts and repairs. That we as owners can use to make sure that our mechanics get the value of all of our collective experiences to keep these great airplanes flying and the cost as small as possible. I frequently use this Club to find little tid bits of information to forward to my mechanic to insure he or she knows what new things they should be looking out for when working on these planes.

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    I thought I had replied previously, but just in case I haven't...Beech Aero Club is the most accurate source for information about the Baby Beeches. In my first year of ownership I changed insurers to the BAC recommended agency and the premium dropped $250 --- and has dropped another $100 since. The insurance premiums savings alone has paid for 7 years dues to BAC.Last year I took advantage of the discount on Rosen Visors, saving another $100 --- 2 years more dues paid for.I've done two annuals at Hammerhead Aeronautical and have a third scheduled with Chad next month. Hammerhead annuals typically run about a third less than at any shop in my area (paid for my next 12 years BAC membership) and it's done by someone who knows the quirks of my Sundowner inside and out.If you go to most A&P/AI shops they'll have the parts on hand for those things that are common to most light airplanes. If you go to Hammerhead, they'll have the parts that are specific to the Baby Beeches...and you'll get hands-on guidance of what you can do to keep things working.At my last Hammerhead annual Chad saw low-cost fixes that made my Sundowner fly faster and more efficiently---he checked and fixed the rigging on the ailerons and flaps, which took less than 30 minutes, but had been ignored in the prior 10 annuals. The Sundowner flies way better "hands-off" than before and I've picked up a few knots airspeed now that the flaps are fully retracted and not hanging down an inch or more.At BACfest 2009 I was seated at a table with Gene Nora Jesson, one of the ladies who took one of the first three Baby Beeches on a coast-to-coast and back flight in 1961 to market the new Beech airplane for Beechcraft. Gene Nora was also one of the first women to be vetted to become an female astronaut, a program that NASA abandoned until much later. The stories she told rank far beyond any "hangar flying" I've done.Icing on the cake is the Beech Aero Club fly-ins. Since our "type" is relatively low in numbers we make a big splash whenever we gather, and it's wonderful to meet other pilots and owners who have the same appreciation for our "Babies."Larry Perry'83 Sundowner N65503 @ KVSF

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