Sounds like a fouled plug, which isn't a big deal. You can clear
them on run-up, but your email didn't mention when they were last
checked. Consider pulling at least the bottom ones to see if one is
fouled with oil, soot, or lead.
A&P, Aero Eng
--- In, "Kerry Muller" <kmuller@c...>
> I had something happen Sunday taking off from Rutland, VT Sunday
> that was a little bit alarming.
> I have a C23 with under 200 hours on a rebuild (mags overhauled at
> that time). I lean pretty agressively, on the ground and over
> ft. Even leaned as much as I can, the EGT doesn't go much over
> Sometimes during runup one of the mags will run rough but if I
> for a bit and try again it clears up. This happened when I did
> runup Sunday. Anyway I take off and am climbing out of the valley
> over the surrounding hills and it starts to run slightly rough but
> very noticable. Was full rich, tried pulling back mixture a bit
> had no effect. All the engine guages checked ok. Next thing to
> I guess was to check the individual mags but when I looked down
> saw how close the tops of the hills I was climbing over were I
> decided to wait. As I was considering turning around and landing,
> it slowly smoothed out and has been fine since.
> Any ideas?
> Kerry
> 6629R

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