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Thread: New Wingtips

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    New Wingtips

    The Met-Co-Air wingtips went on easily and they look great. Although the
    old ones were white, the person I spoke to at Met-Co-Air suggested painting
    the tips within about 6 months or they will turn a bit yellow. It won't
    hurt them, they will just look a bit yellow. One challenge was removing
    five mud dauber nests that were in the outboard wing section. They came off
    easily and I vacuumed out as much of the wing as I could. We don't have a
    mud dauber problem in Tucson. The biggest reason is that there is no steady
    supply of mud. I removed the old wingtips, marked the holes, cleaned up the
    mud in the left wing, and helped hold things into position. I was charged
    for 6.5 hours labor, including an AI inspection of the main wing spar for
    corrosion. He didn't find any. The person who did most of the work knew
    what he was doing and had the right tools. He started at the leading edge
    and used Cleco fasteners to hold the wingtips in place as he worked his way
    back. Then he drilled the final size holes and made the final installation.
    They fit perfectly. Now for the paint.

    Carl Foster Sundowner 9761L Tucson Arizona

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    New Wingtips

    > The Met-Co-Air wingtips went on easily and they look great.

    *** I just ordered a pair of these too. It was the last one they had in
    stock. The voice on the phone said that another person wanted them, but
    he hadn't actually ordered them. Money talks....

    I have my IA signed up to "supervise & sign". Since it's a PMA'd part,
    I *think* it can be done with a logbook entry, but I will do whatever
    he wants. No skin off my nose to file a 337...

    I have an extensive article from Light Plane Maintenance on replacing
    wingtips. They advise to use wide strips of masking tape next to the
    old tips, and scribe right angle lines showing where the holes are. Then
    slide on the new tips and use the masking tape lines to locate the holes.

    The Metco-Air website, OTOH, advises to use a strap duplicator.

    I actually think the biggest challenge will be mounting the nav
    light/strobe units. The LPM article says to make a paper template of
    the holes in the old wingtips, make sure the paper fits the lights
    themselves, and only then drill the actual fiberglass. Here's where I
    might drag the IA out and make him do some actual work.

    The Metco-Aire guy was interested in what other parts the
    Sundowner/Musketeer community might want. I told him the story of the
    rubber donuts. BTW, do you know that those donuts are five bux apiece
    - for Ercoupes, that is. I made the point that they are disposable
    -that one can sell them over & over again, every five years. But I
    imagine he was
    mostly interested in fiberglass parts....

    - Jerry Kaidor ( )

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