Jim Spencer, the 34A airport manager, was kind enough to let me put up the BAC SE Banner today. Not only that, he has given us reserved parking on the paved ramp right in front of the BAC Banner. You can taxi past all those Ps and Cs parked in the grass, to your own special parking place on the asphalt.

Everything is set up, and we are hoping that the weather permits some reasonable level of participation. I will have some BAC post cards to hand out to any non-members that drop in. If you are anywhere within a couple of hundred miles of the Greenwood/Greenville/Spartanburg/Augusta/Columbia area, please stop by to say hello in the morning!

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I wanted to let everyone know that there will be a fly-in at my home field this coming Sunday, July 31. It is the rotating (bi-weekly) gathering of the South Carolina Breakfast Club, in continuous existence since the WW-II era. They put on a terrific spread, usually catered,for a donation of six bucks or so. There is usually a stripe on the runway for a spot landing contest (on initial arrival), and small awards are given for things like Best Landing, etc. People usually start arriving at about 0730, and the event is usually pretty much over by about 1030. If I am joined by any fellow Aero Center fliers (BAC or non-BAC), we can gab as long as we like. I'll have a fan and some lawn chairs over in my dinky little hangar.

I will be helping out at the field, and I plan to try to post the Beech Aero Club banner if no one objects to the added Club appearance. I won't be able to get reserved BAC parking, due to limited space coupled with an expected 50+ aircraft. Ifat least six planes confirm to me that they will be coming, I will try to get a reserved parking spot near our banner. I will have some BAC post cards for any non-BAC'er attendees.

Laurens County Airport is about 30 miles south of Spartanburg on the 180 radial, and about 70 miles west of Columbia. It lies midway between Greenwood and Spartanburg, and southeast of Greenville. The field is just south of I385, west of the I385 junction with I26 near Clinton. Hope to see a few of you there!