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Thread: KBXM Brunswick, Maine June 2-3

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    KBXM Brunswick, Maine June 2-3

    BAC member Rob Cushman, who is based at Brunswick, Maine (KBXM), invites you to the International Fly-In scheduled for June 2 and 3.

    KBXM is the former Brunswick Naval Air Station. Admission is Free.

    Try this new-to-us-airport just north of Portland, Maine about an hour flight from Boston or Bangor.

    Includes Business Aviation Expo, Aircraft Display, Safety Seminars, Overnight Camping, Evening Entertainment.

    BAC will meet daily at 11:15am at show center. Wait for other BACers until 11:29am. Make a little BAC sign like the limo drivers.

    For info go to or call 207 798-6512.
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    What are the requirements to fly into Canada?

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    Oh well, this is Maine...but still my question remains!

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    You've got to get a new GPS data download. As you found out, Maine is only a few inches from Canada but still in the USA. If too many of us stand at the border, Maine may slip slightly north and we'll need passports to get back into the States.

    As for Canada, search that at for a long list of stuff. I have never been asked for much of anything document wise by Customs Canada but I had it all... and NEVER for a radio license. I think that is a falicy.

    I travel regularly to Prince Edward Island, Canada and it is easy to do. Mostly bring your passport (need to get home). Don't bring a firearm. Admit what's aboard for booze and cigarettes and pay the duty for overage.

    Toughest part is getting the ePASS right with Homeland Security. Start months in advance and plan on staying up late every night until they accept your filing. The tutorial is 155 pages long. Hint: File your return trip before you log out of filing your going trip. List your wife/companion as crew.

    Come to my summer airport CYYG on Prince Edward Island. Tell them I sent you.

    Enjoy BXM Brunswick, Maine June 2-3.

    Tom Corcoran

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    I'll try and make the Maine event...

    Do I need to attach a "MAD" boom to the back of my plane to land there ???


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    I hope you never apply for a job with the Canadian tourism bureau! You've got me scared to death now?

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    Brunswick, Maine is a town.
    New Brunswick, Canada is a province (state).

    Invest in an AAA map.

    You can fly to either or both of them with no problem. Just don't mention you know me!

    Tom C.

    The photo below is a real Canadian Piper pilot. You can recognize them anywhere.
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    Initially I was confused and thought that Brunswick was New Brunswick and that the fly in was in Canada...Thus the question about flying into Canada. In my second post only moments later, I realized my error and corrected myself. My question was still relevant though because my son wants me to fly him to Quebec this summer so I was just trying to get some general info about requirements to cross the border. I have, however, downloaded a new GPS update as per your suggestion!


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    Entering Canada in a private aircraft is very easy and almost a non event. Do a google search for CANPASS (thats the Canadian version of their Customs)( Click the tab on private aircraft and read it all.

    I have entered Canada dozens of times in the past 7 years in corporate aircraft as a professional pilot and general aviation aircraft. You the PIC must call CANPASS to schedule your arrival at least 2 hours before estimated arrival. And try to stick to your ETA because if they decide to meet your airplane, they dont want to be kept waiting for too long (30 min). Sometimes they dont meet the aircraft and then upon landing you call CANPASS , give them your actual ATA, and they will give you a reference number and clear you on the phone! If you are enroute and running late, call Canada FSS or ATC and ask them to update your ETA with CANPASS. Never bring a firearm into Canada without the proper permits, if you have a felony record or other serious offense even in the US (they share info), you may be denied entry. If you bring lots of booze or cigarettes into Canada, tell them in your initial notification phone call. If you dont do this (ask me how I know this) you can expect as the PIC to be royally chewed out by the customs officer (and maybe fined) if they find them. I have never been asked to open my bags upon arrival but you never know. When you call CANPASS on that initial call, be sure to have everyone's nationality and date of birth and why you are flying into Canada (personal or business/If its business they will ask what type of business). They will also ask how long you will be in Canada, what FBO you are arriving at. Upon leaving Canada there is no prenotification to CANPASS to leave. You just leave. Remember passports.
    Now re-entering the US that is a different story. If your doing a lot of international flying from the US to Canada, Bahamas, Caribbean, etc you may want to open a EAPIS account with US Customs online. And keep updating it with a new password every 90 days if you dont use the account.

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