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Thread: Portsmouth New Hampshire Fly-In May 5

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    Portsmouth New Hampshire Fly-In May 5

    Airboss of New Hampshire Ron Cribbee invites you to the Portsmouth New Hampshire Fly-In May 5

    BAC Fly-InEvent Location: Portsmouth New Hampshire KPSM
    We'll piggyback a fly-in on this charity fund raiser.
    BAC members will meet at 11:15am at show center and wait for others until 11:29am. Make a little BAC sign like the limo drivers do.

    Portsmouth is a joint military civilian base and has an enormous runway and spectacular sights on the Atlantic coast at the New Hampshire/Maine state line.

    Here is the organizer's info:

    RUN FOR THE FALLEN NH invite you to..
    Come learn about the following:
    Aviation and Rocketry
    Search and Rescue (see equipment)
    C.A.P. Cadet Programs
    C.A.P. Senior Volunteer Program
    C.A.P. Aerospace Education
    Run for the Fallen NH Organization and their mission
    And touch the planes!
    Join us at
    Port City Air
    (Pease Intíl Tradeport)
    Saturday, May 5, 2012 (rain date Sunday, May 6, 2012)
    10:00am to 2:00pm
    Ticket Cost: $5.00 per person
    (age 3 or under are free)
    Tickets can be bought at the gate or from the members of the organizations listed below.
    From the South, follow NH I-95 north through the Hampton Tolls to exit 3. Turn left at the top of the ramp, go .25 miles to a light, turn right, entering Pease International Tradeport. Go .5 miles and follow signs to Aviation Avenue from Port City Air's sign.
    From the North, follow NH Route 4 & 16 to NH I-95. Take the first exit, 3A. Turn right off the ramp, go .5 miles, follow signs to Aviation Avenue from Port City Air's sign.
    Thank you to some of our
    sponsors and volunteers Local Pilots Port City Air Pease Development Authority IANís Grille Air National Guard
    Want tickets prior to the event or have questions?
    Contact us.
    C.A.P. (Portsmouth location)
    C.A.P. (Manchester location)
    Run for the Fallen NH Organization
    Event Coordinator Ė
    100% of the ticket sales will go to both organizations.

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    Anyone plan on going ?


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    I hope to make it. Will be at LZD this weekend. if anyone wants to see a bad cam & lifters and the engine is still split. SB569 in a way was a good thing. And I thought every thing was OK? ken

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    I feel your pain! Did you actually have one of the crankshafts manufactured after March, 1997? That is a bummer! I lucked out with the original crank still in the engine. Lycon overhauled it it for me. But, my cam and lifters for the #3 & #4 intake was toast. No cheap way out that I can see. I don't know if the deal is still good for the $2000 crankshaft kit. I would imagine if you had an overhaul with a "questionable" crank, they would honor that now you've had to split the case.

    I had a great time doing the overhaul, but I'm still tracking down oil leaks. I just re-torqued the engine bolts this annual. I noticed that most of the sump nuts/bolts were low on torque as was most of the accessory case bolts. One leak looks to be the prop governor base. Those nuts were low on torque too. None of the upper case half bolts or case through bolts were under torqued. But 6 out of 16 of the 3/8" cylinder hold down stud bolts were low on torque. This is my first torque after 27 hours. I'll do another at 100 hours. A pain to do, but I'm really getting good at removing the baffling.
    Marty Vanover
    Tucson, Az.

    Where "Sandy Beech" has landed.

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    Man - wish I could catch a break on the weather... While it's still early - my TAF doesn't have VFR until 1400 tomorrow...


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