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Thread: May 19 (Saturday) KFIG, Clearfield PA

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    May 19 (Saturday) KFIG, Clearfield PA

    May 19 (Saturday) KFIG, Clearfield PA. This is the home airport of Harvey Haag, Airboss of Pennsylvania. It is located in the center of the state and the local EAA chapter is having a pancake breakfast. For those that want the $100 hamburger, there's the world famous Denny's Beer Barrel Pub. Guiness book of records, food channel, etc. Also, this is the heart of the eastern elk herd and some may be seen from the air.
    Anyone going - LOL - I mean in addition to Harvey ?

    My plane is in pieces at the moment - it annual time - and of course - it's absolutely gorgeous out... So far indications are that this one may go smoothly - knock on wood... So if I have a plane and we have some "nice" weather - I'll be heading West for this one...

    Eastern Elk herd - seriously - we have wild Elk in PA ? I'm the outdoors type and I never heard that one before... Just another reason to go...


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    I'll probably be there. I have to try one of those burgers. It is a really scenic airport. Lots of great views. Tom

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    No can do that day......attending the annual Wings (KLOM) Fly-B-Q. I wouldn't mind making that trip another day to add a new airport and meet some BAC members!
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    Would love to be there and support the NE Region, but a): My airplane still has only 3 cylinders installed out of 4 required, and: b) We'll be in Maine that weekend.


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    I will be there weather permitting, I use to fly helicopters out of Dubois, PA.

    Larry Newland
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    Hope some of you can get here. Local EAA has pancake breakfast from 8:00 till noon. Have two vehicles available to transport to Denny's Beer Barrel Pub home of world famous hamburgers at noon. Truly a $100 hamburger. Ask Marty or Doug who stopped here last fall from BAC Fest.

    This is the first of several planned fly-ins across the state.

    And YES there is a herd of approximately 1000 elk running wild.


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    Just a bump for a reminder...

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    Hey Tom, Harvey, Scott, and fellow BAC members.

    I'm thinking about flying out to Clearfield for breakfast and then back to Bolton Field for lunch. I would arrive around 8:00am. Would any of you be at the airport around that time?
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    If all goes well - I'm still awaiting on a final "go" from my A&P - I'll probably be there pretty early... With a 2 hour ride - 09:00 or so is probably more realistic... Hopefully they have coffee... An airport and a cup of coffee - I could sit there all day - myself... I'll post update on my status tonight after my post maintenance flight... It's supposed to be nice...


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    Post annual flight went very well - if something doesn't come up - my plan is for a pretty early start.... Plane is fueled and I'm putting her away now...


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