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Thread: Wash DC area June 16 2012 KIAD Smithsonian Air and Space

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    Wash DC area June 16 2012 KIAD Smithsonian Air and Space

    If you are near Wash DC. The NASM Udvar Hazy event of the year is Jume 16. This is the biggest event of the Air and Space Museum. Stop by. Talk to a bunch of people interested in flying. Lots of cool aircraft to view. Sit in a C17 cockpit etc.

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    Darn it all anyway. 5 miles from the house, I knew this event was getting close, and I messed up and am gone on a trip again. Next year I will be there. Thanks, Paul for always doing this event, it's a great one. Members, if you can do it, try to get there.

    Bob Prange

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    This turned out to be a great event. Huge public turnout and lots of Beech representation. One Staggerwing, two Travel Airs, a V Tail, One A36, a Baron, and one Sierra! I probably had 150a kids through my plane and met a lot of fun Aviation fans. The military folks were great. I got to climb out the top hatch on a C17 for a great photo op. Marine one was there, but surrounded by armed guards. My friend Gary Powers was there to talk about the recent declassification of his Father's famed U2 event. Another friend of mine from our local Virginia Beach museum flew up in a Curtis Pusher of all things. Two days in from Va Beach to Wash DC. ATC was happy when he left the pattern at Dulles!

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