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Thread: 1st Annual BAC to Kobelt NY Wheels and Wings (SEP 29)

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    1st Annual BAC to Kobelt NY Wheels and Wings (SEP 29)


    Date: 29SEP12

    Rain date: 30SEP12

    Kobelt Airport (N45)

    Nu-Cavu Restaurant

    Plenty of lead time on this one - in conjunction with the Rotary Club - Kobelt will be hosting the 1st Annual Wheels and Wings event... They have a car show - some skydiving demonstrations (not by me - this time) - and - possibly some antique biplanes included in the event... We've been invited to participate as well to add some "wings" interest... We'll have a choice of dining at the on field restaurant - Nu Cavu (excellent) - or - the Rotary Club will be grilling hamburgers and hotdogs on the field... No fees but the burgers and dog sales go to charity... A perfect opportunity to show off your plane...

    Last year we had a pretty decent turn out on just a club fly-in... It's a great little field in the middle of New York's apple orchard country - surrounded by the rolling hills of the Hudson Valley... It's definitely a nice season to fly... I know of two BAC members that call this field home...

    Kobelt usually has pretty cheap fuel as well...

    I'll publish some times when we get closer to the event...

    Come one - come all...

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    Just a reminder for anyone in the area not going to BACfest...

    If you think you might attend - please just ping me or leave a comment here...


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    Scott weather permitting Beth and I think we might be able to make this one.


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    Hi Ed,

    Sounds good - sir... I know you were at BACfest last year but we didn't get much of a chance to speak... I'm really surprised I haven't gotten down to Sky Manor as I usually hit it about twice a year... I think we will have two other Sierra owners who are home based at Kobelt attending... Hope we get some nice fall weather... I'll get some updated info from the event host and post it here...


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    We are looking forward to it, we finally have 2534W airworthy again and are looking for any excuse to spend money on fuel instead of repairs LOL.


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    Hi Ed,

    I hear ya - anxious to see this bird we've heard so much about...

    Hi Folks,

    Oh - this is for all - just a friendly reminder - there is a very active (3+ Twotters worth) drop zone for skydivers - about 2 miles NNW of Kobelt... It's Gardiner 5NY5... I always approach from the SW to avoid the drop zone - just remember Stewart's airspace is about 2.5 miles South of Kobelt... Kobelt is kind of hard to see from the air if unfamiliar - just ask Tom Corcoran... It's a fun little field to fly into...

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    My wife & I expect to be there - do you know if there's any problem bringing a well behaved dog?
    Peter Donofrio
    Sundowner N1945L

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    Hi Peter,

    Sounds good - sir...

    As far as the dog - I really don't think it would be an issue - it's a pretty informal field... Last time I was there I had to buzz a car driving down the centerline of the runway to make my landing intent known... Seems some no name band was filming a music video and seemed to think it was ok to tool down the runway at 10MPH while filming... I've never met any airport officials...


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    I just spoke with Mike D. (BAC Member at Kobelt) over the weekend and the scheduled times are: The registration for the car show is from 9 – 12 with the show “officially” going on from noon until 3.

    Mike said he was going to be there around 09:00 to help setup... I'll probably do the same - so it's a safe bet there will be some club members around any time after then... I'll keep this thread updated with any changes or information that comes my way...


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