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Thread: Anyone up for an island flight?

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    Anyone up for an island flight?

    Took my first international flight. 35 minutes off the coast of mother America there is Bimini, it was very nice indeed. Clearest bluest water, just right temperature, didn't bother putting the swim shorts on jumped in with the shorts I was wearing. Had Konch something or other with fries and it was good, Paradise almost. Spent there about 4 hours not including the flight. Cost 25 bucks on exiting the island. What's with that?
    eApis well that was different, the drones could't pull up my eApis on their system, when the Gun & Badge says you did not file eApis I thought I am looking at 10K fine, but had the paper receipt with me that I did file and was exclaimated its okay. Mmmmm. Great day.
    Have your email confirmation with you for the eApis just in case and as recommended.
    Are there any Mice owners that may want to get together for an unorganized unsponsored free from any and all organizational constraints, to make a flight to one of the closer Islands?
    If so post and we can settle on a time for a great swarm decent into some Island. Can't think of a better place to be a pilot (or Mariner) and live than out here.

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    We have done a 6 plane BAC flight to great Abaco a while back and stayed on Treasure Cay. There is also a vurrent thread on a Bahamas trip in planning stages. Probably to southern Exumas or Long Island.
    Where did you explore Bimini? I have always skipped Bimini for various reasons but would like yo hear more of what you enjoyed there.

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    What airport did you re-enter the US?

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    Left out of KHWO returned via KFXE, figured that would be the shortest, easier route and it is. Outside of that little snafoo it went pretty nice and quick. Was in and out of customs in about 15 minutes. Customs in Bimini took much longer, about 30 minutes, mostly due to me not being familiar with the paperwork. In any event compared to flying into Mexico it was a breeze. In Mexico you literally have to deal with 3 different offices on the way in and out. So this Bahama deal is a piece of cake.

    Paul, Bimini is my first self fly to Bahamas. Very nice, very cute. Almost a throw back to an earlier era sleepy kinda place. The natives are friendly, sort of laid back busy with their own realities. Was there a only a few hours took a ferry to cross about 1200 feet of water from one place to the next, not sure exactly where it all was. I guess Google earth can give an idea of the route I took from the airport in north Bimini to Alice Town for some reason I remember the name. I was sort of interested in the process as much as in the sights. I can say this, after take off I'm still not used to the idea of having to climb to 5500 (my own choosing alt its VFR baby and no one cares what you do) feet where for the past 25 years I pretty much take off at 5K, but as I am climbing to 5.5K I already saw the shoreline in the distance. I mean it was just super cool.

    The rwy itself is smooth and long enough, really a very 'no stress' flight. Customs guys are laid back and they have a sense of humor. Right outside the terminal, which ain't no palace, was a dilapidated old van that was our bus, me and femme friend with two natives who seemed to be in their own reality....they spoke to each other but I barely understood what they were saying. I think they understood me but still did what they wanted in terms of destination, it was fun and funny. I'll say this it was different.

    I had a great time. So I know I can take off anytime I want and in 45 minutes I am in Bimini eating conch and no it does not taste like chicken.
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    Excellent sounding trip! The rest of the country is similar. Check out the Bahamas special deals for private pilots. They will give a hotel $300 toward your bill if you fly in and show your customs documents. I have cleared US Customs at a bunch of airports in FL, usually without trouble. BUt watch out if you hit them on a training day!

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    Who gives 300 bucks for a hotel, the Bahamians? Sounds good, no it sounds very good!!

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    for the past few years the Bahamastourism dept has done this. Very few blackout dates and really easy. I will find a link and post it. Nice, huh?

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    Well yeah it lightens the burden considerably, I was almost thinking I am going have to slice open the mattress looking for bread, but with this maybe the mattress can be reprieved for a while longer. In reference to the other thread, I cannot plan far in advance, never have, I make it a point not knowing what I gotta do next week, hell not even tomorrow, I don't even know when I am going to sleep tonight... So when its time to depart if I can I will. The idea of planning something 4 months in advance down right suffocating, just ain't wired that way. I am very analytic and methodical when I do plan but it can wait till a day or two before or more likely just a few hours. When the trip and its details have been solidified and agreed on, I'll check hotel or the nearest cave for availability with a few days advance, do my plan see if I can find an available Broad that wants to go, fuel the Sierra and head out.

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    I am usually a last minute trip planner also. There is always someplace to stay on the smaller islands. Probably more on the fancy places. is a good place to look for deals. And the Pilot guidebook to the carribean has lots of pilot discounts. Unfortunately camping is actually outlawed in the Bahamas for tourists.

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