Thanks Bill,

I really enjoyed playing with Canon's new digital lens 10-22(16-35 35mm
equiv). That Beech 18 won an award at the awards banquet. It was facing
to the north so depending on which side you are looking at as to
whether it was AM or PM -- I shot it at both times. There were a couple
of others that were beautiful as well. Without a doubt if I had the
capability to have several planes, I'd have one of these. There is
nothing not even a P51 that sounds as good as an 18 coming over at 50
feet - the sound of those P&W 450s is Magnificent! Got me thinking
about Beech Party now.

I really enjoyed the Theater in the Woods program. In all the years
I've been going this was the first and afterwards they had some lights
out on Aeroshell Square an awesome opportunity to take some pictures.


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> You are a poet with a camera!
> I can see you get up REAL early for those great low-angle light pix -
> I loved
> every one.
> But # 32 - the Beech 18 in front of the sunset (sunrise?) is pure ART!
> Also, the back-lit B-17 is also AWSUM!
> Thanks for getting there!
> Bill Howard
> BeechSportBill
> N1927W 1973 Sport 150

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