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Thread: IO 346 Overhaul Shop

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    You probably read all the reviews on the Musketeer (they were all the same) and they told you (i) they're hard to land and (ii) stay away from the IO-346.
    Cloyd Van Hook
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    States visited (though not necessarily landed in) by N2393L (AKA Minnie), N9227S (AKA Annie) and N26TM (AKA Mary) while I've owned and flown the aforementioned aircraft.

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    All I remember being able to find out about these planes before Musketeer Mail was; a) they are slow and poor performers, b) they are expensive, and c) 'no one' likes them

    and if you've ever had to buy something from Rapid, you might be inclined to agree with (b), but you've also got to take into account that a lot of our parts seem to last longer and be made out of heavier stuff than what you find on the other planes out there. But I get good performance out of the sport, any model with extra horse power would be gravy as far as I'm concerned. I didn't start learning about the different engine choices and a lot of things like that until later on. The over generalizations and opinionated instructors with little to no time in them have done more to hurt their reputation than just about anything I can think of...

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    A couple of things I found when I was plane shopping (and this was at the top of the market, my timing being what it usually is), the Connie powered airplanes tended to be somewhat neglected. At least around here. The Mice were somewhat maligned in the market, the IO-346 airplanes even more so. As such it was difficult to find a clean example because they tended to be bargain hunter specials they were pretty rough.

    However, I ended up with a well worn O-360 powered Mouse. I could have probably found an A23A with lower times and better overall condition for the same price as my airplane.
    My airplane isn't slow... it's stately.

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    My 2 cents:

    Aero Engines at Winchester, VA (KOKV) did our IO-346 overhaul; they do a few each year. Ask for Tom Schweitz.
    Keep your tail up in the turns

    Bob Prange
    Musketeer Custom III
    Manufactured Nov 1, 1967
    Purchased Jan 1972
    Warrenton, VA

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