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Thread: 85th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh's visit to KVSF yesterday

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    85th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh's visit to KVSF yesterday

    The predicted rain mercifully never materialized and Hartness State Airport (VSF) yesterday celebrated the 85th anniversary of Lindbergh's visit during his Guggenheim sponsored publicity tour of the US, just 66 days after he completed his flight, the first across the Atlantic.

    The local Garden Club and Airport Commission presented a re-enactment of Lindbergh's arrival and speech, and our guest speakers included six local residents (now aged 90 to 100) who were at the event in 1927, and Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh's youngest daughter, Reeve Lindbergh.

    One of the 90+ year old ladies said she'd lived her entire life near the airport and that she "just loved the sound of airplanes." She may very well have been the woman who called a couple of weeks back, about an hour after the aerobatic competition began. I'd fielded a couple of complaint calls within fifteen minutes of the start of the competition, and was ready for another. The sweet voice on the other end of the line said "It sounds pretty noisy down there. I hope you boys are having fun in your aeroplanes."

    This is the link to the video clip a local TV station aired last night.

    Larry Perry
    '83 Sundowner N65503
    "Airport Operator" at KVSF

    (they're paying me to do this???)
    Larry Perry
    '83 Sundowner N65503 @ KVSF

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    Hi Larry,

    So when's the official "under new management" party ? I'm up for a trip to Vermont...


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    Congratulations, Larry. Your kick-off event looks like a great success.
    I'm somewhat amazed that WCAX spent that much airtime on it...and seems to have gotten it right!
    I especially like your comment about the elderly lady with the non-complaint. We have a horse racing (trotters) at the fairgrounds next to us (separated only by I-91). We have out-of-towners coming in to complain that we should shut down Northampton Airport for the duration. (After all, owning a horse makes you more important than owning a plane!!)

    Steve Cote
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    Love it. Can't ever imagine flying the rat there, but I will definitely come by if I am ever back in Vermont!

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